A few more SSO gift ideas!

We couldn’t fit all our Christmas gift ideas for the classical music lover in your life into one post….so, we have two more brilliant ideas!

For the Piano Lovers

We all have that family member or friend who absolutely love the piano – and this year it works out perfectly to be able to get that person tickets to one of our concerts featuring two amazing pianists with two truly awesome pieces!

Jane Coop

– playing Beethoven’s Forth Piano Concerto

Saturday, May 2, 2020

This concert will mark Jane Coop’s sixth visit with the SSO. Long time fans and subscribers may remember her performing Beethoven’s first piano concerto in 2001, and now she will be gracing audiences with Beethoven’s third.

Paired with the Pastoral Symphony, this concert will satisfy all the Beethoven lovers, too!

Beethoven 250

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Thomas Yu

– playing Camille Saint-Saëns’ Egyptian Concerto

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Thomas Yu will also be returning, this being his fifth time with the SSO! Now it will be with the exotic sounds of Saint-Saëns fifth piano concerto.

Adding the flavour of Vincent Ho’s Earthbeat, Nicole Lizee’s Behind the Sound of Music, and Igor Stravinky’s Pulcinella Suite will make the palette of this concert quite an exciting and spicy treat.

Thomas Yu with the SSO

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Now…what about the art lover on your list?!

Artist Denyse Klette is a superstar….on top of being an artist whose work shows around the globe, and also on top of running Boheme Gallery here in Saskatoon, she somehow found total artistic genius to partner up with the SSO for her Composers Series.




Mozart was like his music.  Playful, humourous, glamourous, bursting with colour, and full of life!
The first in the series, Mozart has been a big splash with music lovers – he is the epitome of what we love most about making music.




“I am a Lonely Painter, I Live in a Box of Paints” – Denyse Klette



“I am a lonely painter.  I live in a box of paints”
Joni Mitchell endures.  Her words have a timelessness to them, and her music is all at once simple and devastatingly complex.  Klette’s take on Joni allows for the viewer to feel the movement and intimacy of Joni’s music, while referencing her song “A Case of You”.








There is only one Beethoven.
Revolutionary. Brilliant. Powerful. Bold. Iconic.
Klette’s Beethoven is fearless and refuses to fit in – she somehow finds as many colours to match his vast musical palette.  His intense gaze and wild hair truly unforgettable!


To get a limited print of these incredible paintings, you can stop in at the SSO offices or purchase online at dklette.com

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