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jan 2017

We need to close the gap

There is something magical about the rare few artists who really make music.  In an era when the classical “superstars” of our day got famous on their ability to impress, nothing feels better than to see an artist of great integrity truly make music. While sitting backstage watching Timothy Chooi play beautifully crafted Mozart, it reminded me […]

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The state of the SSO

We’re at the half way point of the season – after my first year with the SSO, I want to take some time to take stock of things. Over the course of the last 12 months we’ve made an exceptional amounts of changes at the SSO: We changed how we budget – long term budget development has allowed […]

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More than just decking the halls

Music lovers look forward to the holiday season in a unique way – maybe it’s the anticipation of hearing their favourite Christmas carol, or the joy that comes with the crop of new Christmas albums out there. This year we wanted to do something really meaningful for our Christmas performances – so we asked ourselves […]

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