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It’s subscription season at the SSO! We’ve carefully programmed 16 concerts for you to choose from. Six Masters, four Pops, three Chamber and three Baroque. You can subscribe to everything, to each series, or make your own series with a flex pack.

Your flex pack can be built around the concerts that excite you most or the dates that work best for you. We’ve put together some other flex pack collections that might intrigue you below:

While orchestras do have the advantage of blind auditions, which means there are more opportunities for equality amongst musicians, the orchestral world is still playing catch up when it comes to female composers. Want a subscription package that includes a female composer in each concert? Look no further than our Masters series! We didn’t choose these pieces because they were composed by women, we chose them because they are beautiful works by contemporary artists. Take our concert on March 7th. We will be doing the North American premiere of Rebecca Dale’s Materna Requiem.


Perhaps you want to take advantage of our prairie connections. There is a wealth of talent that has grown up here on the prairies and moved away to continue their education and careers. We are always happy to bring them home to perform with us!

You could create a Praire 5-flex with:
Homecoming (November 16, 2019) with both guest artists and the guest conductor all having prairie roots.
Christmas with the SSO (December 7, 2019) with special guests including Elly Thorn, the University Chorus and our own Dean McNeill.
Thomas Yu with the SSO (February 8, 2020) Thomas returns home to play more Saint-Saëns with the SSO! You may remember when he was here in 2016 to play Carnival of the Animals with Godwin Friesen
Requiem – North American Premiere (March 7, 2020) Soprano Chelsea Mahan and Tenor Spencer McKnight are joined by the University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Singers for this North American Premiere.
Accent with the SSO (March 21, 2020) Two of Accent’s members are from Saskatoon and we can’t wait to bring them here! We’ve followed their journey online and across the globe.

Make it a Prairie 6-flex by adding in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (October 5, 2019) featuring violinist Véronique Mathieu who now calls Saskatoon home or choose a performance of Handel’s Messiah featuring prairie soloists!


If you are all about vocal and choral music we have several options this season! On top of the prairie picks we mentioned featuring vocal soloists and/or choirs (Requiem, Christmas with the SSO, Accent, and Messiah) we are extremely excited to be included in Jeremy Dutcher’s orchestra tour.

Dutcher will be joining us on stage at TCU Place on November 9 and we’ve already had several people asking about single ticket sales. Some of the benefits of subscribing to the SSO means you get tickets before single tickets go on sale August 1, and you get a discount for buying in bulk. Early bird prices end May 31, while there is still a discount for subscribing compared to single ticket purchases, the deals are better the earlier you subscribe!

Prefer your flex pack to be all about guest artists showing off their instrumental skills?

We have cellist Stéphane Tétreault rejoining us for Opening Night (September 21, 2019), Homecoming (November 16, 2019) has Carissa Klopoushak performing a new violin concerto, and Ryan Cole performing a new trumpet concerto, our Christmas with the SSO (December 7, 2019) features Dean McNeill on Trumpet, and Thomas Yu’s performance (February 8, 2020) fits in nicely to this flex pack. Let us not forget that the season is ending with the Canadian piano royalty, Jane Coop (May 2, 2020)!

Here’s Jane Coop performing a Beethoven Concerto, though not the one she will be performing with the SSO. We are excited to have this pianist on stage to play Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 3 in C minor.

Make it a 6 Flex by adding Four Seasons (October 5, 2019) or Jeremy Dutcher (November 9, 2019).


We are always looking for ways to be a more eco-conscious organization and how to do our part when it comes to climate change. We have have been thinking about it so much we have inadvertently included works related to mother nature in several concerts. Enough so that you could create your own Mother Nature flex pack.

There’s the Four Seasons (October 5, 2019), our concert with Thomas Yu (February 8, 2020) includes Canadian composer Vincent Ho’s Earthbeat, paired with the Requiem (March 7, 2020) is Jocelyn Morlock’s Oiseaux bleus et sauvages and our Family Movie Night (January 25, 2020) will take us under the sea.

And one can’t forget the audience favourite The Planets (October 19, 2019). We are pairing the movements of Holst’s work with Canadian composer Heather Schmidt’s Lunar Reflections to give us a whole galaxy tour all from the comfort of your seats in TCU Place.


You can create flex packs based on contemporary composers, “the hits”, new works, works new to you, and any other reasoning/combination that works for you.  We may be biased, but we believe you can’t go wrong with any subscription pack from the SSO!

Explore the full season and download a subscription form by clicking here.

You can subscribe any time before opening night by giving us a call or stopping by our new office. Early bird prices end May 31 so the best deals are ending soon.

See you at the Symphony (office)!

p.s. We are working to raise $300,000 by May 31 for this year’s Share in the Future campaign. All donations made by May 31 are going to be matched by the Frank & Ellen Remai Foundation. Your donations help us keep our ticket prices more accessible, our outreach programs running, and help us continue to bring incredible concerts to you! Thank you for supporting live music by donating today.

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