Getting to Know Magnificat Soprano Casey Peden

Did you know that there are five soloists in Bach’s Magnificat? One of the very talented artists joining us Saturday (7:30 pm @ Knox United Church) is soprano Casey Peden! Two sopranos!! Now there won’t be any duelling divas on stage but there will be some incredible music making that we know you must see/hear. We love having  Saskatchewan connections on stage with us and Saturday’s concert is full of prairie artists!

SSO: Where is your hometown and where are you based from now?
CP: Stony Plain, Alberta and now based out of Glaslyn, SK.

SSO: What is your favourite music-based memory?
CP: Watching my dad make music at family gatherings at my grandparents.

SSO: How do you deal with nerve?
CP: I don’t have a concrete answer for that ~ it’s an ever-changing path I am navigating as I go.

SSO: If you could work with anyone living or dead who would it be?
CP:  I would love to have lessons with Barbara Bonny.

SSO: What is your favourite thing about the prairies?
CP: Northern Saskatchewan Lakes ~ I love being near the water.

SSO: What are some upcoming projects, or ones on the go, that you want to share with everyone?
CP: SSSV in North Battleford in July.  It’s a fantastic vocal summer school and its right here in Saskatchewan!

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