Summer Book and Music Sale

Saturdays and Sundays – 10am to 5pm
Thanks to your amazing response we’re keeping the Weekend Sale open until October!

Click here to shop the Online Book & Music Sale.

Thanks to the incredible Book and Music Sale volunteers we’re launching a one-of-a-kind Sale!

We have set up the Book and Music Sale Warehouse at 602 B 51st that observes public health recommendations for social distancing. We’re taking every precaution to ensure that all shoppers and volunteers are safe.

The Book and Music Sale is an integral part of what makes the SSO. In its more than 3 decades, the sale has always been a major supporter of the SSO’s work, but this year the proceeds raised by the sale will make an even greater impact on making sure the SSO is around for years to come.

The sale features a sampling of everything (books, CDs, vinyl, etc), but as we ensure the ability to social distance we will have a limited stock out. It will be refreshed for each weekend.  We’re thankful that you understand we don’t have the capacity to have the same volume of stock we’re all used to at sales – but we’re thrilled to help you find that book/record you’ve been waiting for!

And for the first time ever, we’re launching an online portion of the sale!
The online sale is grouped into sections (alphabetic by section) and will feature a constantly refreshing stock. Books in the online sale are only available in the online sale, and will be available for contactless pick up at the SSO by appointment.

Important information:

We will limit it to 10 shoppers at a time. We have the space to do more, but prefer to be extra cautious. Expect to line up outside during busy periods.

We will have hand sanitizer to be used at the door and throughout the space. We ask that everyone uses, frequently.

All shoppers will need to wear face masks. Please come wearing your mask!

The layout of the room is being set up so that you’ll follow the path all the way from entrance to till – similar to the arrows on the floor at grocery stores, you’ll have to make sure you’re paying attention to which direction you’re going!

We ask you to use Tap to pay. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we’re asking everyone use tap on their debit and credit. We can also take cheques, but we are discouraging cash purchases.

We are NOT accepting donations of books/CDs/vinyl/etc to the Book and Music Sale.
Right now, we have far too much stock to be able to process any donations of boxes of books – we love that people are wanting to donate, but for now we’ll have to wait.

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