Getting to Know Contralto Lisa Hornung

We are quickly approaching our performance of Bach’s Magnificat and thought it would be fun for you to get to know our guest artists a bit better!

SSO audiences are well acquainted with the incredible voice of contralto Lisa Hornung. Originally from, and still based out of North Battleford, Lisa has continued to make the drive to Saskatoon for many years to be a part of our Messiah performances among others. She is known for her warm smooth sound and her beautiful smile.

We asked Lisa a few questions. See what she has to say below!

SSO: What is your favourite music based memory?
LH:Family sing-songs – around the campfire or in the basement around the piano.

SSO: How do you deal with nerves?
LH:Practice a lot. Delve into / discover / enjoy the text-music relationship.  Remind myself it is not about me.

SSO:Was there an aha moment that made you realize music was the path for you?
LH: Honestly, I don’t remember a time without music.  I have not always loved it (sometimes music is frustrating and unpredictable, especially as an asthmatic with severe allergies) but I have always needed it. Music makes me whole – not sure if there was ever a time I didn’t know that somewhere in my soul.

SSO: Why do you enjoy singing Bach?
LH: It’s beautiful, challenging, playful, whole.

SSO:We recently did 6 word autobiographies with the students of St Mary’s who were a part of Kitohcikewin/Listen up! What would your six words be?
LH: Hmmm, didn’t know how to answer this so I asked my husband.  His six words for me are:  passionate, fun-loving, optimistic, committed, thoughtful.  Yes, I am married to a saint 🙂

SSO: What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?
LH: Enjoy today.

SSO: If you could perform any piece, regardless of voice type, what would you pick?
LH: The Lakes of Cool Finn – really, all Irish folk music. Oh! Big Band anything too 🙂

SSO: If you could work with anyone living or dead who would it be?
LH: Janet Baker 

SSO: What is your favourite thing about the prairies?
LH: My Family is here.

SSO: What are some upcoming projects, or ones on the go, that you want to share with everyone?
LH: Summer School for the Solo (and choral) Voice July 7-14 .  Great time of learning, music making, collaborating, visiting….fun 🙂


You can get tickets to Bach’s Magnificat and read Lisa’s full bio here.

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