Composers and musicians create melodies, which can be sung or played on instruments. When an orchestra plays these melodies, the orchestra sings.

Students explore melody in a range of colorful orchestral repertoire, sing, play the recorder or a string instrument, compose, and perform in a culminating concert with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.


What is Link Up?

For more than 30 years, Link Up—a program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute—has paired orchestras with students ages 8–11 (Grades 3–5) at schools in their local communities to explore orchestral repertoire and fundamental musical skills, including creative work and composition, through a hands-on music curriculum. Students participating in Link Up attend a culminating concert where they sing and play the recorder or violin with the orchestra from their seats.

Link Up provides a free, high-quality, year-long curriculum that teachers can implement, along with classroom materials, online video and audio resources, and the professional development and support necessary to make the program an engaging experience for students.


Program Goals

Teach fundamental musical concepts to students in grades 3–5

Introduce students to the symphony orchestras and concert halls in their communities

Foster new and existing relationships between symphony orchestras and their local schools

Provide professional development opportunities for all participating teachers

Your school receives:
• Link Up curriculum resources for each teacher (featuring repertoire for singing, playing the soprano recorder or violin or any instrument in C, and program-related lesson plans and activities) with accompanying audio and video resources

• Professional development resources and webinar for lead teachers and administrators

• Access to Carnegie Hall’s online resources, including additional lessons and interactive classroom resources

• Access to Carnegie Hall’s Link Up Facebook group, which connects teachers, Carnegie Hall staff, and featured contributors to share ideas, student work, videos, and photos

Click here to see The Orchestra Sings Repertoire

Please check back for updates and registering for the 2022-2023 school year in the coming months!