Partner with Us

We’re looking for community partners and sponsors to help us share the gift of music with the Saskatoon community and beyond. Entering its 91st season, the SSO has been a staple of the prairie music scene for almost a century, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done and the community we’ve built and fostered- on and off stage.

The Digital Concert Stream  

This past season, the SSO introduced The Digital Concert Stream. All SSO concerts are now live-streamed and recorded with professional equipment, meaning in addition to attending concerts in-person, audiences can watch our concerts in amazing quality live and at their convenience- Season subscribers can even re-watch their favourite concerts! The Digital Concert Stream makes the SSO more accessible and affordable than ever before to our local community, and to people all over the world! 

New ways to Collaborate

We’re always looking to innovate with our community partners. For our Valentine’s Day 2021 concert, La Dolce Vita, we teamed up with local Italian restaurant La Cuccina Ristorante. They created an exclusive meal for our local audiences to pick up and eat while they watched the live-stream. We filmed their chefs cooking, and posted it on our social media, and integrated it into the livestream. Other community partners have provided decorations for our concerts, and even jewelry and concert-wear for our soloists!


The SSO has so much to offer:

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Ad Swaps, Story Ads, and logo displays
  • Cross promotion on social media
  • In-person Displays
  • Product Placement
  • Video and Photo Advertisement

We have a loyal audience that strongly supports those who support us.

Contact us at for more information.