Elyse Evangelista

With over 20 years of multi-genre vocal training, Elyse has moved from Toronto to her wonderful hometown of Saskatoon, bringing her wealth of vocal knowledge and life experience with her. After 6 years managing one of the top vocal training studios in Toronto, Big Voice Studios, Elyse is thrilled to have her own vocal studio here in the city where it all began!

After years of performing on stage in Musicals, Cover Bands, Voice Over and Film/TV all over Toronto, Elyse has coached a variety of artists in multiple genres. These include; singer/songwriters, pop, indie, folk, country, blues, rock, jazz, musical theatre, R & B, rap and many more! Elyse loves working with passionate artists who have a love for authentic vocals and transformative music.

​Working in Toronto for over a decade has given Elyse the skills and life experience to help artists develop their own authentic voice and discover who they truly are as a vocalist. Elyse has prepped many artists for professional recordings in Nashville, London, Toronto and across Canada! 

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