Time for Toddlers



Specifically designed for your mini-maestro, these parent and child experiences are perfect for your 2- to 4-year-old music lover.

Explore music through movement, song and dance with SSO musicians at the Wilton Academy of Music (Albert Community Centre, Room 21) Let the music connect you and your child and send you both on a journey through melody, rhythm, colour and beautiful sound.

Meet Program Animateur, Jennifer McAllister

Jennifer McAllister is a professional conductor and flutist who performs regularly in the flute section of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. She holds degrees from the University of Alberta, University of North Texas and University of Saskatchewan. She was a high school teacher in Saskatoon for many years before returning to university to follow her passion for music and the brain. Now working as a registered psychologist in schools, Jennifer has a keen interest in the benefits of music across the lifespan.



Announcing More Time for Toddlers soon!