Meet the Musicians in Your Neighbourhood

Check out Conductor Emeritus Eric Paetkau interviewing musicians from the SSO and our musical friends in our community!

These videos offer a glimpse into the life of our musicians that we are able to see on stage.

Check out the recorded Meet the Musicians interviews with:

Flutist – Allison Miller,
Violinist – Oxana Ossiptchouk,
Oboist – Erin Brophey,
Clarinetist – Margaret Wilson,
Bassoonist – Stephanie Unverricht,
Trumpet – Terry Heckman,
the Low Brass Section,
our Percussion Section,
Bassist – Richard Carnegie,
Horn – Arlene Shiplett, and
Concertmaster – Michael Swan.

The SSO also featured vocal soloists that have performed on stage with the SSO:

Soprano – Emma Johnson,
Soprano – Andrea Lett,
Tenor – Spencer McKnight,
Bass – Brenden Friesen,

Choir Conductor/Professor – Dr. Jennifer Lang, and
Conductor/Chorusmaster – Duff Warkentin.

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