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Idea of North

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And Tomorrow…

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One Last Music Talk

Eric Paetkau conducting.

At the end of his 7 season, Maestro Eric Paetkau steps down from the role of Music Director. Ahead of his final concert as Music Director, Eric sat down with CEO Mark Turner for one final chance for a music talk.

Exploring the highlights, memorable moments, and special stories never told before the pair reminisce about performances spanning back to Eric’s SSO debut in 2014.

It’s a walk down memory lane and a chance acknowledge Eric’s considerable achievements at the helm of the SSO.

One Last Music Talk is available to view at ConcertStream.tv

A Fond Farewell

Eric’s last concert as Music Director is Mahler 4 on May 7th. While we hope you can join us there, we know it might not be possible to say goodbye in person. If you have a message or memory you wish to share with Eric, enter it in the form below! We will make sure he gets all your kind messages as we celebrate his incredible tenure here at the SSO.

Eric Farewell

Farewell messages and memories for Music Director Eric Paetkau
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Lahni Russell named Cellist Emeritus

The SSO announces the retirement of Lahni Russell after more than three decades as Principal Cellist. 

Ms. Russell earned a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music (both with High Distinction) from Indiana University studying with world-renowned cellist, Janos Starker. Post-graduation she spent two years at the Banff Centre of the Arts and was the first ‘cellist to win the Regina Concerto Competition (1987) before winning the audition for Principal Cellist in Saskatoon in 1989. 

Performing Morlock’s Exaudi

During her tenure she captivated SSO audiences with many solo concerto performances  including Haydn D Major, Kabalevsky, Haydn C Major, Vivaldi and Piazzolla’s Four Seasons, and in 2018, Jocelyn Morlock’s remarkable ‘Exaudi’ with the Canadian Chamber Choir. In the wider community, Ms. Russell was a founding member of Prairie Virtuosi and the U of S Amati Quartet, she sat as first chair for the Saskatoon Opera and accompanied the Saskatoon Children’s Choir on many occasions. Across Canada, she performed as guest artist with the Calgary Philharmonic in Banff, as guest Principal Cello in Regina and in the Victoria and Vancouver Symphony sections. She was Solo cello for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet during  performances in Saskatoon and Victoria and was hired for that same position on the Ballet’s tours across the U.S. 

In addition to her orchestral performances, Ms. Russell teaches private lessons (in person and online), coaches string ensembles and has mentored advanced string students prior to  competitions and exams. 

Ms. Russell is also an accomplished luthier and bowmaker. She has provided stringed instrument and bow repair, restoration services, and appraisals to professional musicians and students province-wide and beyond. Her clients have included visiting guest artists and principal string players in professional orchestras. She has operated her own business, LJ Russell Violin and Bowmaker, since 1995. She will continue to teach and offer violin shop services. 

Ms. Russell is the longest serving Principal Cellist in the SSO. To recognize her contribution to the orchestra, we are happy to bestow upon her the honorary title of Principal Cellist Emeritus. We thank Lahni for her years of service and wish her well.




An Announcement from Music Director Eric Paetkau

It’s hard to believe that I’m enjoying my seventh season as Music Director of the SSO. I’ve had so many unforgettable experiences and memorable moments over the years. Not only has the organization as a whole been incredible (the musicians, Mark Turner and the whole staff, the Board) but the welcome and warmth Karen and I received from the audience, the city, and the community has been special. And that’s why it’s not easy to say that I’ve decided to move on from the SSO at the end of this season and hand over the musical reins of this wonderful orchestra

Eric Paetkau conducting. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as an organization over the years and how we’ve been an innovative force in the Canadian music scene. Some highlights have been the many Saskatchewan and Canadian musicians and music we’ve featured, our growing presence in the community, and simply daring to try new things and making them work. Part of this is creative momentum and I strongly believe new ideas and fresh perspectives are paramount to artistic growth. That’s why I’m very excited in passing the torch to new musical leaders and seeing how they contribute to the future of the SSO.

We’ve already been seeing fresh faces on the podium in the last year and I’m delighted to see many more this coming season. I’m making this announcement now to ensure a smooth transition and for everyone (orchestra, audience, and community) to experience what great things are in store for the orchestra moving forward. Thanks to all of the hard work from everyone involved, the SSO is in a prime position for an exciting future.

But I’m not done yet!  I’m excited for the Brahms Requiem this month and then officially saying goodbye in May. I look forward to my last season and continuing to experience not only this great orchestra but the wonderful city of Saskatoon and its incredibly warm and inviting people.

Thank you Saskatoon and see you soon!
Eric Paetkau

Experiencing the Music Together & Safely

We have an incredible track record here at the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. There has not been a single Covid-19 related incident at the SSO since the start of the pandemic. We are also one of the only orchestras who were able to perform all of our planned concerts in the last year. (Minus the one canceled due to a snowstorm!) That is no accident. It is thanks to careful planning and precautions agreed to by all of our people that we have been able to continue our artistry and livelihood safely.

Now that we have an audience in the room it’s more important to us than ever that we keep our events covid free. Since Opening Night we’ve required that everyone, and we mean everyone, interacting with your orchestra is fully vaccinated. All our musicians, guest artists, staff, and volunteers have proven their vaccination status. Before your ticket is scanned there is a wonderful volunteer checking your vaccine status. Everyone in the room is wearing masks and we’ve encouraged you to spread out in our concert spaces to your comfort level.

As much as possible we have eliminated intermissions from our concerts to minimize mingling so most shows run just over an hour. All of our venues have great air circulation and we improve that on stage with fans as several studies have shown increased air circulation is important to stop the potential spread of the virus. These are just some of the steps we take every time we are gathered in a performance space to create a safe and Covid-19 free environment.

Not every concert is able to be live-streamed this season for various reasons, but we are planning to have our audience present for every single performance. Having you in the room with us is a magical experience. The energy improves performances and there’s nothing quite like the thunderous applause we’ve been fortunate to receive after our first few events. It really is quite something to be in the room as the music happens.

Keeping you safe, keeping all of us safe, is the only way we can continue. We mainly rely on ticket sales and donations to keep this organization going and in return, we offer innovative and moving performances, meaningful connections, and countless unforgettable moments.

We laugh, we cry, we experience the music together. Most of all we continue to keep everyone safe so we can make it to 100 years of the SSO, and many years beyond that, all the while enjoying the incredible performances along the way.

Updated Season 91 Protocols

We’ve been very proud of the SSO for a proven track record of safety. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve performed, rehearsed, and live streamed without a single case or exposure attached to the SSO. But its time to start making some updates to our protocols to ensure that the transition from pandemic to endemic goes smoothly to keep us on stage!

For the remainder of our 91st season, the musicians and staff will continue to follow the proof of vaccination and masking protocols – we’re together for rehearsals and work regularly, so its important for all of us to keep being diligent. On top of the existing protocols, we’re doing rapid testing and constant self-monitoring to ensure that when we’re feeling under the weather, we keep that at home and not bring it to rehearsals.

For our concert on February 26th, we’re going to continue to ask for proof of vaccination for our audience. As the province moves into this new phase towards living with COVID, we wanted to take a phased approach to removing the protocols we’ve had in place. For the performance of the Music of Swan Lake, we’ll keep all audience protocols in place – beyond that, we’ll start making adjustments to ensure that allow our patrons to feel comfortable and ready to be back in their seats!

We’ll continue working closely with our advisors and public health, and we’re thrilled to continue live streaming our concerts in case you aren’t able yet to join us in the hall!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will your pandemic protocols be at concerts?
We ask that all patrons wear masks at our concerts. For February 26th we’re still asking patrons to provide proof of vaccination upon entering. That protocol is being adjusted in coming concerts.

We are now bringing back intermissions – but ask that patrons be conscious of their space and people around them at intermission.

There will be hand-sanitizer stations positioned throughout concert spaces/lobbies.

If you have a ticket to a concert and you (or someone coming with you) is feeling unwell, we ask that you stay home. While an orchestral concert is a relatively safe environment, it depends on all of us looking after each other. We’ll work with patrons to help them return their ticket for donation value, exchange their ticket to another live event, or view the streaming of certain concerts.

The SSO will continue to develop and adapt its public health protocols in consultation with provincial public health and our advisors in order to keep our musicians and audience safe. Because of that, all programming and events are subject to change.

Are you requiring proof of vaccination?
Yes, for the February 26th concert we’re still asking for proof of vaccination. The large audience who had already purchased their tickets did so under the existing requirement. Our policy will be updated on March 1st.

Are you distancing seating?
For the SSO to break even on large orchestral concerts, we need at least 1000 people at our large concerts – even small concerts need 300+ people to be affordable to produce. As such, we’re not able to socially distance at our concerts as it would make every concert a financial burden to the organization.

But the good news is that many research studies around the globe have proven that classical music events are amongst the safest large crowd activities, with an extremely low risk of transmission. Thankfully classical music has been frowning on coughers for generations 😉

How many concerts will there be?
There are 6 Masters Series Concerts and 4 Pops Series Concerts.

What are you planning to perform?
We’ll be announcing that over the next few weeks!

When will single tickets go on sale?
Currently we plan to have single tickets go on sale September 1st.

What about other concerts?
Our Baroque and Chamber Series are set aside this year to allow us to flexibly keep as many musicians working as possible – so we will have more concerts announced in the weeks ahead, but those will be single ticket only. As subscribers you’ll have the first chance to purchase those tickets.

We have a number of special concerts in the works – a night with Constantinople, Chevalier’s Paris, and more!

Are you a Subscriber?

If you’re a subscriber, you should have received communication to re-subscribe – if you haven’t yet, please email us at office@ saskatoonsymphony.org
If you’d like to subscribe, here’s some important information!

Can I subscribe to a Flex Pack? 
Yes! You’re able to pick and choose which concerts you can get in a Flex Pack subscription – those tickets are discounted from single ticket sale prices.

What if I don’t subscribe this year, do I lose my seats?
After August 25th, all seats not spoken for will be opened up for sale. But we’re going to keep all subscriber seats from 2019/2022 on hold for next season – so that means if you decide not to subscribe this year, but plan to come back next year, we’ll hold your seat for 2022/2023!

Can I get extra seats for some concerts?
You will be able to purchase extra seats when single tickets go on sale – due to the volume of work it will take in the next few weeks to process subscriptions (that normally would be processed over 3 months), we’re not allowing for special considerations or extra tickets at this time. We’re trying to keep this as manageable as possible for our administrative team who normally has holidays in August!

Can I change my seats?
Yes, but not until single tickets are on sale. You can renew your seats and then once single tickets are on sale, we can make seating adjustments.

Are you still streaming concerts?
Yes! Streaming is here to stay at the SSO. But streaming is not included with your in-person subscription, so if you’d like to watch concerts at home, you can subscribe for $99.99 a year at www.concertstream.tv
Not all concerts this year will be streamed, but approximately 14 events will be. This includes performances in both Masters and Pops, special events, and more!

You can subscribe for our streaming at ConcertStream.tv


If you’d like to subscribe to the SSO’s 91st season Contact Us


A completely new way to experience the music – get up close and personal with the sound. We are incredibly excited to launch our Digital Concert Stream.

What does this mean? It means your orchestra wherever you are. 

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At the current time, purchases of tickets and subscription to the streaming must be made on the ConcertStream.tv website

Live Stream Digital Ticket

For as little as $19.99 per Digital Ticket you and your household can watch the concert as it happens from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you have internet access.

This could be you, enjoying the SSO from home!
You can watch all SSO concerts from home

When you purchase live stream access you will need to sign in to or create an account. Once your account is set up you can log in any time to see what you have access to. There will be a countdown for the upcoming live stream and you can even add a calendar reminder! You will get an email alert when the concert begins, but you can log in and get ready to view the live stream at any time. Once the live stream is complete there will be a recording available for you for 24 hours. It may take an hour or two to appear in your library.

Digital Tickets start at $19.99 and gives you access to one concert for 24 hours. You can also purchase $35 and $50 Supporter Tickets – these still get you the same 24hr streaming, but give you a way to support the SSO at this time!

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Tickets must be purchased on the ConcertStream.tv website – no in-app purchases are allowed at this time.

Plan on watching 6 or more concerts? Wish you could watch them whenever you want and as many times as you want? An SSO Streaming Subscription is for you! 

SSO Streaming Subscription

Log In to ConcertStream

For only $99.99 you can have access to all SSO live streamed concerts for the year. You will also have full access to the SSO’s concert videos on demand. This means you can watch all our concert and bonus content wherever you want, whenever you want, and as many times as you want.

Love our opening night concert and want to see it again? You could watch it every day and its all covered by your $99.99 subscription!

Have major FOMO because you missed one of the live streams? Have no fear! You can catch all our incredible concerts at a later date and it still only costs you $99.99.

No FOMO for these lake goers. They have a subscription to the SSO Digital Concert Stream.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase your SSO Streaming Subscription by clicking here (you can checkout as a guest)
    [button link=”https://concertstream.tv/join” style=”alert” color=”purple”]Purchase your SSO Streaming Subscription[/button]
  2. You’ll be able to set up your account, with your own password, and you’ll get a confirmation email for your purchase.
  3. Once your subscription is set up you’ll be able to login to watch videos whenever you want!
  4. Live streamed performances are available for 24 hours – 7 days after all live streamed concerts you’ll be able to watch the concert film of that concert on demand by logging into ConcertStream.tv.
  5. Enjoy unprecedented access to the SSO for a year!

You not only get a fantastic discount for all the live streamed concerts by getting the SSO Streaming Subscription, but you also get the benefits of video on demand all while supporting your orchestra. How can you go wrong?

Subscriptions must be purchased on the ConcertStream.tv website – no in-app purchases are allowed at this time. But once you’re logged in on the apps, you’ll stay logged to be able to enjoy concerts whenever you want!



Curated Playlists to Explore

The science behind listening to music is fascinating.

Right now as we’re all staying at home, listening to music is a pass time that is well worth digging in to.

We decided we’d put together some hand-selected playlists for you to try out. If you’re itching to listen to something but having found the right mix, you’re in luck because we’ve curated each list for your enjoyment!

Maybe you needs something to spring clean to or you need some gardening inspiration – we’ve got the tracks for you!


Bach’s music is invigorating for your brain and your body.  His music detailed and methodical, planned out but ever fresh.  It will put a smile on your face, and help clear your brain.  This is music you can put on and go on with your day…but we highly recommend taking some time to sit and concentrate on his music!


Mozart’s music is utterly timeless – as effervescent and elegant now as the day it was written.  In his short 36 years, he wrote such a wealth of music filled with light and laughter.  Put this one while you’re working away on your laptop at home…it will keep you and your brain moving!


Known for writing some of the most heartbreakingly touching music ever, Brahms’ music is ideal for taking listening to curled up with some tea and breathing deeply.  Melodies that move with ease and tension that finds release, Brahms’ music is good for helping you drop your shoulders.


There is an amazing wealth of music that needs to be heard. The SSO has a passion for new music and for music that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. So we brought you this list – from the amazing George Walker to the stunningly beautiful music of Dobrinka Tabakova, we think you’ll find something to love!


Mozart ReReimagined

He’s entirely entranced by Aloysia…but he falls for Constanza. Did we mention that his sister has ambitions too?

In March of 2020 the artists were ready to fly in and we had this unique collaborative project ready to go….so to bring it to life we’ve re-reimagined Mozart!

The SSO teams up with Saskatoon Opera to create a new theatrical work centred around reimagining the music and stories of Mozart.

Saskatchewan composers Kendra Harder, Danika Lorèn, Tiess McKenzie, and Alexander Tosh each took on the challenge of reimagining an aria from Mozart’s vast repertoire – the results are refreshing, creative, and captivating!

Vocalists Olivia Guselle, Emma Johnson, and Kelsey Ronn bring to life three important women in Mozart’s life…their letters back and forth with the Maestro become the basis of this new story.

Mozart himself comes to life through dancer Kyle Syverson, with choreography by Jackie Latendresse of FreeFlow Dance.

Danika Lorèn pulled triple duty for this unique musical experience – not only was she one of our emerging composers, but she is the creator behind the concept and director. Adding to the curiousity of creating this project in a pandemic, Lorèn directed virtually from her home in Toronto!

Conductor Maria Fuller leads the SSO Chamber Ensemble in this one of a kind performance!

The performance is available to watch until August 4th!

[button link=”https://concertstream.tv/programs/maria-fb_insta-promomp4-46bc2e”]Buy Digital Ticket[/button]