Digital Concert Stream

A completely new way to experience the music. We are incredibly excited to launch our Digital Concert Stream.

What does this mean? It means your orchestra wherever you are. 

Starting September 26th there are going to be two ways to watch your orchestra in action:

Live Stream Digital Ticket

Each concert will be live streamed from St John’s Cathedral in downtown Saskatoon. For a $15 Digital Ticket you and your household can watch the concert as it happens from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you have internet access.

This could be you, enjoying the SSO from home!
You can watch all SSO concerts from home

When you purchase your Digital Ticket from the SSO you will receive an email with a direct link that gives you access to the streamed concert. Not able to make it for the start of the concert? The live stream video will convert to a recorded file and it will be available for 24 hours.

A Digital Ticket is $15 and gives you access to one concert for 24 hours.

Click Here to Buy Digital Tickets

Plan on watching 6 or more concerts? Wish you could watch them whenever you want and as many times as you want? A Digital Concert Stream Subscription is for you! 

Digital Concert Stream Subscription

For only $95  you can have access to all SSO live streamed concerts for the year. You will also have full access to SSO video on demand. This means you can watch all our concert and bonus content wherever you want, whenever you want, and as many times as you want.

Love our opening night concert and want to see it again? You could watch it every day and its all covered by your $95 subscription!

Have major FOMO because you missed one of the live streams? Have no fear! You can catch all our incredible concerts at a later date and it still only costs you $95.

No FOMO for these lake goers. They have a subscription to the SSO Digital Concert Stream.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase your Digital Concert Stream subscription by clicking here (you can checkout as a guest)
    Purchase your Digital Concert Stream Subscription
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email for your purchase
  3. We will set you up with a unique login based on your email.
  4. Once the Digital Concert Stream is set up you’ll be able to login to watch videos.
  5. Ahead of a live stream, you’ll receive an email with links to watch through the Digital Concert Stream or through a private YouTube link.
  6. Live streamed performances are available for 24 hours – 7 days after all live streamed concerts you’ll be able to watch the concert film of that concert on demand by logging in to the Digital Concert Stream. (there’ll be lots of bonus features and behind the scenes content to enjoy in the concert films!)
  7. Enjoy unprecedented access to the SSO for a year!

You not only get a fantastic discount for all the live streamed concerts by getting the Digital Concert Stream Subscription, but you also get the benefits of video on demand all while supporting your orchestra. How can you go wrong?

Here’s the full live stream lineup:

Save the date! Concert themes will be revealed a month ahead of time. We have so many exciting surprises in store!



See if you can spot our new billboards around Saskatoon! Let us know where you will be watching from by tagging us on social media –  @SSOyxe.

Piaf and La Vie en Rose

Imagine falling in love in Paris: a delicate series of scenes painted in soft pastels, where romance shines through every innocent moment of discovery in that bright and historic city. Do you hear the music? It is very likely that the melodies your mind instinctively conjures are a melodic throwback to a classic staple of French songwriting: “La Vie en rose”. The lyrics to this lush piece of Parisian music were penned by French singer-songwriter, cabaret performer, and film actress Edith Piaf.

Immortalized as France’s national chanteuse, Edith Piaf’s remarkable vocal stylings gave birth to a career peppered with high points, and the immediate commercial success of La Vie en rose was certainly one of them. It was the song that made Piaf internationally famous, with its lyrics expressing the joy of finding true love and appealing to those who had survived the difficult period of World War II.

Popularized in 1946, it was released as a single in 1947 to widespread acclaim, with seven versions of the song topping the Billboard charts in the United States alone. The song was popularly covered by Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Donna Summer, and Latin singer Thalia. Even Bing Crosby hopped on the musical appreciation train bound for France when he recorded his 1953 album “Le Bing: Song Hits of Paris”.

As is the case with most secret sauces, the harmony between distinct flavors (musical or otherwise) makes all the difference. Similarly, the success of La Vie en rose is owed not only to Piaf’s sparkling lyricism, but also to the subtlety of composer Louis Guglielmi’s musical design. His orchestration deepens our immersion into the musical imagery that makes Piaf’s performance so captivating. Known by his nom de plume “Louiguy”, Guglielmi was no stranger to delightful combinations (himself being a Spanish-born French musician of Italian descent).

Having studied at the Conservatoire de Paris alongside the likes of Maurice Baquet, Henri Dutilleux, and Paul Bonneau, Guglielmi was also responsible for penning the 1950 Latin Jazz hit “Cerisier rose et pommier blanc” (a popular song which would eventually be reconfigured as a mambo smash-hit for Perez Prado). Guglielmi created nearly three dozen film scores during his life, but the musical partnership he showcases with Piaf on “La Vie en rose” is a timeless sort of beauty that sets itself apart. Like Paris itself, this renowned ballad is in a class of its own.

The SSO is living La Vie en Rose and performing it as part of our Postcards from Paris

Chevalier and the Balloons

Audiences today don’t know enough Joseph Bolonge, the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, and we need to change that because he was an important figure in music history who’s music is making a major comeback.

Chevalier de Saint-Georges was a champion fencer, classical composer, virtuoso violinist, and conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris. Born in the French colony of Guadeloupe, he was the son of George Bologne de Saint-Georges, a wealthy married planter, and Anne dite Nanon, his wife’s African slave.

His father took him to France when he was young, and he was educated there, also becoming a champion fencer. During the French Revolution, the younger Saint-Georges served as a colonel of the Légion St.-Georges, the first all-black regiment in Europe. He fought on the side of the Republic. Today the Chevalier de Saint-Georges is best remembered as the first known classical composer who was of African ancestry; he composed numerous string quartets and other instrumental music, and opera.

The Chevalier played a key role in the aristocratic life of Paris in late 1700s, with close ties to the Palace of Versailles. The Chevalier often found himself the guest at the private musicales salons of Marie Antoinette at Versailles…with Chevalier playing his violin sonatas, with the Queen accompanying on the forte-piano.

Etching of the September 19th air balloon flight at Versailles

In the fall of 1783, the Montgolfier brothers made a major step in human history – and it all happened in front of the court of Louis XVI at Versailles. The first ‘aerostatic’ flight in history was an experiment carried out by the Montgolfier brothers; at long last, man could leave the surface of the earth below.

On the day, crowds filled the gardens to watch the magical lift off. The balloon took off on a warm September 19th afternoon, with animals instead of humans as its first passengers – and it was a total success. Just two months later the first balloon flight with humans was also success. After that, there was no looking back. It was the first time that humans had been able to take to the skies, and proved that Da Vinci had been right…there would be a way to fly!

Hot air ballooning took off in France, and before long passenger balloon rides were filling the skies above Paris.

Chevalier de Saint-Georges’ music was the toast of Paris and Versailles. During the 1780s, Saint-Georges’ star continued to get brighter and brighter. His output during this time was swift – operas, concertos, sonatas – but he also shaped the music that Paris was hearing. We have Saint-Georges’ to thank for the commissioning of Haydn’s Paris Symphonies, which the Chevalier conducted upon their premieres.

Paris was a place filled with innovation, fascination, ambition, and pre-revolution tensions. Historians know that the Chevalier de Saint-Georges was at the Versailles court in September of 1873, but it remains unknown if he was there on the day that the Montgolfier brothers made everyone dream about flying!

SSO in the Classroom

The SSO has a long history of engaging in music education, both through our programs and through the reach of the incredible musicians who play in the orchestra.

With school music programs facing a time of unique challenges, we’re wanting to step up and find ways that your orchestra can be a resource during this time.

To adjust to the pandemic, the SSO is creating a wealth of online resources that are designed at growing literacy and awareness in music. As such we currently offer Meet the Musicians interview videos, the information from our online Beethoven Festival celebrating the composer’s 250th anniversary year, an online class From Bach to Bartok taught by Music Director Eric Paetkau, and more.

This fall we’re launching a number of exciting educational initiatives that could be used as classroom resources.

Watch SSO Concerts Anytime!
We’re launching our Digital Concert Stream which will house each and every one of our performances in the season as concert films streamed on demand. The SSO’s new Digital Concert Stream allows for classrooms to watch performances at anytime. The concert films feature behind the scenes footage, interviews with musicians, and much more. Supplemental material is available for most performances, including a video discussion of the program with each conductor.

As well we have past performances available upon request, including Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Piazzolla’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.

Online Classes
After the success of our first online class in spring 2019 (From Bach to Bartok with Eric Paetkau, available on request), we are launching a series of online classes taking place throughout the year. In the fall we have Saskatoon composer Kendra Harder hosting Musical Herstory: a history of composers who happened to be women, in November Eric Paetkau presents Isn’t It Romantic: the big romantic hits, and in January of 2021 we launch It Ain’t Over: An Operatic Crash Course in partnership with Saskatoon Opera.
Class videos are available to watch at any time and can progress at any speed. Engagement with course hosts is available upon request.

Kids Show
2020 marks Beethoven’s 250th birthday, and we’re thrilled to present the film of our kids show Little Ludwig. This concert was created as part of our SaskTel Symphony in Schools tour – each year more than 10,000 students get to hear the SSO life thanks to the support of SaskTel.
The 30 minute film follows the life, talents, and challenges of Ludwig van Beethoven from childhood through his musical successes, his loss of hearing, and his lasting legacy. The video is available to watch on demand, and features the musicians of the SSO’s Chamber Ensemble and Maestro Eric Paetkau narrating. The show was the concept of SSO Principal Bassoon Stephanie Unverricht, and features artwork by Saskatoon educator Peter Cowan.

An educational package is available to compliment the performance.

Another children’s show will be launched online in Spring 2021.

Educational videos
A series of videos coming out in fall of 2020 that explore all sorts of musical ideas. Find out how a piano works, 12 things you never wanted to know about the oboe, the rhythms that fiddlers rely on, and how to write your first rap.

Our goal is to create an ever growing set of videos that help everyone explore music making from its most simple concepts to its most challenging excerpts.

Meet the Musicians in Your Neighbourhood
In spring 2020, Eric Paetkau hosted online interviews with a number of SSO and Saskatoon musicians. These are all available to watch in our online archive (available upon request), and we’ll be launching a new series of Meet the Musicians in Your Neighbourhood that also allows schools to book specific musicians to have for online interviews with classrooms.

Link Up
Students had just begun work on Link Up when the pandemic hit Canada. We’re working on plans to remount this programming this year in a way that allows students to keep learning music literacy and participate in a performance with the SSO.

Find out more about Link Up

And More…
We have a ton of ideas of educational programming we are considering, and we’re open to ideas! Maybe students would like to hear about how members of the orchestra balance careers in both music and other professions? Or get a chance to talk to a professional artist who grew up right here on the prairies who’s gone on to perform around the world? Maybe your students would benefit from hearing about the business of music?  We’d love to find ways to help connect students to ideas.

If you’d like to get more information about the resources we’re making available, please fill out our form:

Music Education Programming




Reimagine the Possibilities – 90th Season Replanned

The SSO is spending this year Reimagining the Possibilities as we adjust our celebratory 90th season to embrace the change.

We have been working closely with Saskatchewan Public Health and have prepared for a newly planned season ahead. We’ll have a smaller orchestra size to accommodate the social distancing safety protocols, a limited capacity for in-person audience, and we’re launching a Digital Concert Stream where our concerts will be available live and on demand.

Safety has been our primary concern, so there are lots of changes ahead to ensure the safety of our musicians and audience. See FAQ below.

Things aren’t going to be “concerts-as-usual” and pulling this all together has been incredibly challenging, but also incredibly exciting – the SSO has a mandate to make music for as many people as we can, and this re-imagined season allows us to present concerts that we can’t wait to share with you.

Since none of us are going on exotic vacations this year, the SSO is bringing you a year of musical adventure.

Stroll the streets of Paris, drink beer at Oktoberfest, tango in Buenos Aires,

spend a night at the Carnival of Venice – its going to be different but

completely memorable!

We’re not announcing our plans for the whole year but rather one or two musical trips at a time, and each concert will have all sorts of online adventures to enjoy (think cooking lessons from an Italian chef, or a wine tasting class!).

We know everyone will have a lot of questions and over the next few weeks we’ll be giving out as much information as possible to make sure everyone feels safe and ready for some musical adventure. From reimagined concerts, new fundraising initiatives, and much more, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead. Thank you so much for supporting us all through this incredibly unique celebration of 90 years of SSO.

The SSO has made a name for itself as an organization that thinks outside the box, so right from day one we’ve been exploring how we can safely make music again. It’s going to be a challenging year, but one filled with unique opportunities and a chance to make special memories. To reimagine is to re-create – let’s go where the music takes us!
-Mark Turner, Executive Director



Are you cancelling your season?

No! While we aren’t able to have the season as planned we are being creative and reimagining what our 90th season looks like.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, for now our reimagined concerts will be 60 minutes without an intermission.

What do you mean by reimagining the season?

We’re embracing the change.
We are finding new ways to bring as many people our concerts while following, and going above and beyond, the current safety guidelines. We have put together a series of concerts that explores incredible music with a smaller cohort of musicians for an in person and online audience.
Our new season plan allows us to have flexibility as the guidelines are updated and we are excited to bring you music we aren’t usually able to perform!

Will I be able to attend concerts in person?

Yes, and no.

Because we are limited to a 150 audience size we’re exploring the potential of repeat performances to accommodate as many as possible.
These in person tickets will be made available to subscribers first.

There may be a limited number of tickets available for purchase but that will vary by concert.

How can I watch the Saskatoon Symphony if you are limiting the in person audience?

We are going digital! Our concerts can now be viewed from wherever you are. There will be a live stream of the concert on the day of and then an option to see the concert whenever and as many times you like with video/symphony on demand available through the SSO Stream.

When will the concerts be?
You can find the full calendar of events by clicking here


Where will the concerts take place?

We’ll be hosting our concerts at St John’s Cathedral on Spadina until such time we can return to larger gatherings.  One of Saskatoon’s most iconic buildings, St John’s sits atop the banks of the South Saskatchewan, and has ample space for us to space a slightly smaller orchestra – we’re grateful they’ve welcomed us in to their home!



We are going to try something completely different this year – you’ll know the dates well in advance of a concert, but to allow us to create a truly unique travel adventure, you won’t find out where the musical trip is going until about a month ahead of time.

This allows us to grow or shrink in response to the current safety guidelines, and ensure that we’re always adapting and adjusting to keep everyone safe.

We’re going on a musical staycation. While we aren’t able to have any getaways any time soon, we hope you enjoy our exploration of sounds around the globe right here from Saskatoon.


How do you plan on addressing the pandemic risks?

We’ve been working very closely with Saskatchewan Public Health and research taking place in our industry. The good news is that orchestras around the globe have been slowly and safely reopening, and we get to use what they’ve learned to build our concerts.

To ensure the musicians are safe we’re putting in brand new protocols, including:

  • a minimum 2M distance between each player, and larger distances for some instruments
  • masks will be worn, excluding when a wind or brass player is using their instrument
  • UV  and 0.3 micron filtration systems placed throughout the orchestra
  • careful and thorough cleaning procedures before, during, and after performances

This means that concerts will feature a chamber orchestra, 15-30 players. The repertoire includes everything from Bach to Tchaikovsky to Debussy and new music!

For the Audience – the precautions that we’ll use include:

  • self-assessment questions ahead of attending an event
  • we ask everyone to wear masks
  • enter through one side of the hall, exit out the other
  • seated socially distant so that everyone is 2M apart from others “outside their bubble”
  • hand sanitation stations throughout the space
  • no intermission – 60 minute concerts – so please plan for no public bathroom use unless its an emergency
  • no food or beverage sales at the venue

Anyone who has in person tickets for a performance will receive an email early in the week ahead of the concert to ensure they are fully informed on the safety requirements we’ll have for our audience.


Over the last few months, the staff at the SSO have been heavily involved in the international dialogue about the safe practice of music. We’ll be releasing our full protocols later in August so that everyone has a chance to see the level of detail and effort being made to ensure a safe reopening to rehearsals and concerts.


We’re thrilled to be launching a Digital Concert Stream.  With this you’ll be able to watch our concerts live online and enjoy them again with Video On Demand. The concerts are all being filmed in 4K resolution, and we’ve been lucky to work with some of the best, most creative technicians to bring this Digital Concert Stream to life.

Our Digital Concert Stream will allow anyone with internet to watch the SSO through our own website. You can pay-per-view or buy a subscription for the year for just $95. We’re going to be able to reach more people than ever before, and connect to music lovers across our province and beyond!


More news about the Digital Concert Stream will be released in August.


We have heard from so many of our patrons that they want to help bring some celebration to this unusual 90th anniversary.

This fall we’ll be launching a new fundraising campaign that will help the SSO face the challenge and continue showcasing the important role music plays in all our lives.
We’ll announce the new fundraising campaign in early September 2020.


We’ll be in touch with all subscribers over the next few weeks – that’s going to be over 400 calls and emails, so we really appreciate your patience.

All subscriber TCU Place seats will be held – if you’re already a subscriber, we’ll keep your seats so that when we return to having a full audience, you’ll still have your seats.


I have already subscribed to the SSO, what happens now?

Thank you so much for supporting the SSO! You will have first right of refusal to in person tickets and full access to our SSO Stream. We will be in touch to discuss the details.


I was waiting to renew my subscription, what happens now?

If you were a subscriber for our 89th season and have not yet renewed we will be in touch regarding the updated subscription plan. We hope you will continue to support your orchestra and join us on this incredible journey.


I would like to subscribe, what do I do now?

Send us an email ( with your preferred method of contact and we will be in touch!




The staff of the SSO are all still working from home, so re-planning, rebuilding, and reconstructing our season and subscriptions has been no small undertaking – we appreciate everyone’s support and patience! We have the best supporters in the world and we’re so grateful to be able to keep the music coming for you this year.





Summer Book and Music Sale

Summer Book and Music Sale

Saturdays and Sundays – 10am to 5pm
Thanks to your amazing response we’re keeping the Weekend Sale open until October!

Click here to shop the Online Book & Music Sale.

Thanks to the incredible Book and Music Sale volunteers we’re launching a one-of-a-kind Sale!

We have set up the Book and Music Sale Warehouse at 602 B 51st that observes public health recommendations for social distancing. We’re taking every precaution to ensure that all shoppers and volunteers are safe.

The Book and Music Sale is an integral part of what makes the SSO. In its more than 3 decades, the sale has always been a major supporter of the SSO’s work, but this year the proceeds raised by the sale will make an even greater impact on making sure the SSO is around for years to come.

The sale features a sampling of everything (books, CDs, vinyl, etc), but as we ensure the ability to social distance we will have a limited stock out. It will be refreshed for each weekend.  We’re thankful that you understand we don’t have the capacity to have the same volume of stock we’re all used to at sales – but we’re thrilled to help you find that book/record you’ve been waiting for!

And for the first time ever, we’re launching an online portion of the sale!
The online sale is grouped into sections (alphabetic by section) and will feature a constantly refreshing stock. Books in the online sale are only available in the online sale, and will be available for contactless pick up at the SSO by appointment.

Important information:

We will limit it to 10 shoppers at a time. We have the space to do more, but prefer to be extra cautious. Expect to line up outside during busy periods.

We will have hand sanitizer to be used at the door and throughout the space. We ask that everyone uses, frequently.

All shoppers will need to wear face masks. Please come wearing your mask!

The layout of the room is being set up so that you’ll follow the path all the way from entrance to till – similar to the arrows on the floor at grocery stores, you’ll have to make sure you’re paying attention to which direction you’re going!

We ask you to use Tap to pay. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we’re asking everyone use tap on their debit and credit. We can also take cheques, but we are discouraging cash purchases.

We are NOT accepting donations of books/CDs/vinyl/etc to the Book and Music Sale.
Right now, we have far too much stock to be able to process any donations of boxes of books – we love that people are wanting to donate, but for now we’ll have to wait.

SSO For You

It’s strange to not be able to make music with your friends – and even stranger that we weren’t getting to make music FOR our friends!

While we all stay home to flatten the curve, the SSO wanted to bring you some special programming to enjoy from the comfort of your home.  Eric and the musicians have been busy working with the staff to create ways to connect with you during this time!

Meet the Musicians in Your Neighbourhood

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm on at

Join Maestro Eric Paetkau every Tuesday and Thursday on Facebook live for a chance to talk to the musicians that make the SSO awesome.  Each episode gets chatty and explores how each person came to call Saskatoon home, their musical influences, and so much more!

Click to watch

Classical Now on CFCR

Mondays, 7:00-8:30pm on CFCR

Join our ED Mark Turner each Monday night for Classical Now – dig deeper into your music library and find out more about the behind the scenes stories of composers/performers and their music.  Discover music new and old and maybe even learn something on the way!

Online Performances

We are going to be sharing some music with you – some from past performances, and some filmed just for social media.  It’s a mix of stuff you’ll know well and stuff you should know better (it slaps, as the kids would say!).  We’ll be posting videos on Faecbook, Instagram, and YouTube – so keep your eyes pealed!

SSO Trivia!

with Richard and Stephanie – dates TBD

If you’ve been to one of our After Dark performances, you’ll know what we’re talking about!  From the musicians who brought you “Name that Tune on the Bassoon” and that weird thing with the cheese, we’re going to have a few trivia nights led by Richard and Stephanie to test your knowledge of all things pub-trivia mixed in with some music!

Beethoven 250 Festival

May 2nd to 8th

The festival week we had planned may have had to be cancelled, but we’ve got something up our sleeves for the stay-at-home edition.  Join us for some learn opportunities, catch some music, get interactive with the SSO!  Details announced soon!

Kids Learning Opportunities

Every day at 10am we’re posting a cool activity for your kids to try out – head over to our Facebook and check out the daily activity.


And more…

We have a bunch of plans in the works – maybe you’ll learn about the 12 most important symphonies ever, or how to make a double reed!  We are adjusting to this new world of having to connect with each other and with all of you in new ways – and its going to be a unique way to make music more during this difficult times!

Classical Music Online For You

With the impact of COVID-19 being felt around the globe, its become even more clear that music is something we all need at this time – and while we can’t gather together for performances, the classical music world is moving online as quickly as possible!

So we wanted to pull together some of our top picks for where to catch some brilliant performances online during this time.

Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall

One of the world’s most beloved classical music institutions has a 30 day free trial available of their Digital Concert Hall.  With that 30 day trial, you have access to hundreds of hours of music and live performances that you can enjoy!
You do have to sign up for the 30 day free trial.

Click for More

LA Phil

The Los Angeles Philharmonic has made itself an orchestra in a class of its own.  Their LA Phil Watch and Listen is always available and always free – they’ve got everything from concerts to interviews and more!

Click for More

Metropolitan Opera

The Met’s HD Broadcasts changed the game over a decade ago – and now they’re bringing you an HD Broadcast everyday on their website.  They announce their weekly line up the week before, and the videos are live on their website for 24hrs.

Click for More

Saskatoon Public Library – Naxos Music Library

Here’s something very special for folks with a library card!
You can sign on to the Saskatoon Public Library’s Digital Library Resources and with that you have full access to the Naxos Classical Music Library – it’s one of the largest online streaming systems and brings you a remarkable wealth of things to listen to!

Click for Digital Library

Enjoy the SSO!

We have lots of online opportunities you can enjoy from home:

On our Facebook –

Kids Music Activity -a special musical education activity to posted everyday at 10am

Take a Listen to This – a piece of music we think you’ll love, posted everyday at 8:30pm

Meet the Musicians in Your Neighbourhood – hosted by Eric Paetkau – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm
Eric is joined by musicians in the SSO, and friends of the SSO, in conversations about music, life, and more.  When the chats are live, you can ask questions too!

Video Archive
We’ll be releasing some videos from past concerts – including our performances of Piazzolla’s Four Season of Buenos Aires


Rebecca Dale

Saturday, March 7th will feature a North American premiere of Rebecca Dale’s reflective Materna Requiem. If you’re thinking that you don’t know the music of Rebecca Dale, we’re telling you this is a must hear!

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Rebecca Dale is a British composer of screen and concert musicBorn in 1985, Rebecca started composing from a very young age, completing her first full musical at age 10 and piano concerto at 15. After school music scholarships, she studied at Oxford University (New College) and the National Film and Television School, and holds an MA with distinction in Composing for Film & Television. Her 2015 debut self-release for choir and orchestra, I’ll Sing, rose up the classical charts and was Classic FMChoral Classic of the Week. Her next release, Soay, spent five weeks at Classical No.1 and was named Classic FM 2016 album of the year. In 2017, Dale won a coveted place on the Sundance Composer Lab.

Check out this recording of Soay released in January 2019!

Most recently her track ‘Winter’, commissioned by bestselling vocal group Voces8 for their album of the same name, was described by Gramophone magazine as a “masterpiece”. A follow up album is due for release this year. Dale also recently composed original music for the BBC Christmas drama series, Little Women.

Dale has been involved in projects for 20th Century FoxDisneyWorking TitleThe Weinstein Co. and the BBC, and her score for Crossing The Line was nominated for best original music in feature film at the 2017 international Music & Sound Awards. She has recorded and conducted orchestral works at Abbey Road, Air Studios, George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch and Fox Studios, Hollywood. Dale’s Full length albumRequiemwas released by Decca Classics in August 2018.

Hailed by Classic FM as “one of today’s most exciting young composers” and “a household name in years to come”, Rebecca Dale made history when in 2018 she became the first female composer to sign to Universal Music’s Decca Classics label, and the first woman to sign to Decca Publishing. In September her debut album recorded with the Royal Liverpool PhilharmonicRequiem For My Mother, smashed into the UK album charts at No.1 in the specialist Classical charts.

Here is a sneak peak of Materna Requiem – the Pie Jesu. The intention of this movement is to capture the feeling of a father singing to their newborn.

Originally mentored by Golden Globe-nominated Alex Heffes (“Last King of Scottland”) and Emmy-nominated Maurizio Malagnini (“Call the Midwife”), Rebecca has worked on films like Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, director Stephen Frears’ The Program, action film The Take starring Idris Elba, BBC period drama series The Paradise and The Secret Agent, famous US Miniseries remake Roots, Touching the Void Live and BBC’s Frozen Planet Live and Disney’s Queen of Katwe directed by Mira Nair.  She was a judge for Northern Ireland’s inaugural Royal Television Society Programme Awards, is a Berlinale Talents alumna and BAFTA Crew participant, and has been a regular interview guest on BBC Radio 3.

As a concert composer Rebecca has written for numerous classical artists and ensembles including Mari & Hakon Samuelson, the London Mozart Players, the Scottish Festival Orchestra, the Latvian Opera Orchestra, musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra, percussionst Joby Burgess and cellists Richard Harwood, Benjamin Hughes and Oliver Coates. She is a fellow of the prestigious MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire (notable composer alumni include Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Copland), and has been an associate composer with the London Symphony Orchestra on its Soundhub programme. She also directs and writes extensively for choral groups, was commissioned by Canterbury Cathedral Girls Choir for their debut album, and was 2017-18 Composer in Residence for the London Oriana Choir as part of its five15 project. I’ll Sing was performed at Cadogan Hall with ensemble and orchestra from the London opera houses, as part of the charity concert for Grenfell Tower.

She plays the violin and piano, and likes odd socks.

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Materna Requiem – Subscriber Perks

We’ve got some great perks for our Subscribers!

We are so excited about our concert on March 7th, Materna Requiem. This will be a North American premiere of Rebecca Dale‘s masterpiece, and we want all of our subscribers to be able to experience it in an even more intimate way – by attending a rehearsal at no extra charge! Here you will be able to witness the program before the evening’s performance, offering an opportunity to immerse yourself deeper in the work. Maestro Eric Paetkau will work the orchestra, guest soloists Spencer McKnight and Chelsea Mahan, and the Greystone Singers and Aurora Voce choirs to ensure everyone has a unified vision.

The dress rehearsal on Saturday, March 7th (starting strictly at 1:00pm), will be open to all subscribers to watch upon registering. To take advantage of this unique experience, you must register by February 28th with Matthew via email at, or by calling the office Monday-Friday 10:00am-3:00pm at (306) 665-6414 – please inquire for more information.

And how about something special for our ambitious concertgoers – we are implementing our “Inside the Sound” subscriber perk, where a small handful of people can sit scattered amongst the orchestra during a preliminary evening rehearsal (Thursday, March 5th or Friday, March 6th). Here you will be able to see an in-depth look at the rehearsal process, from the musicians perspective! The specific date will be decided once we can poll those who have requested to be a part of this – please don’t shy away! Email Matthew at or call the SSO office (306) 665-6414 to find out more information and secure one of the few spots!

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Materna Requiem