Share in the Future

Our Prairie Voice


The SSO has become one of the most vibrant and exciting cultural institutions in Canada. We need your help as it’s time to take our music beyond our stage.

Our Share in the Future Campaigns are the landmark of being able to make the SSO an artistic leader in Canada.  Two years ago, Share in the Future brought new stability to the SSO – this time we are embarking on the most ambitious project the SSO has ever undertaken.

We have big plans for the funds raised through your gifts to the campaign. the Our Prairie Voice recording series will allow the SSO to capture the musical revolution taking place in Saskatoon. It creates work for our musicians, it creates a new revenue stream for our organization, and it creates a chance for us to share what’s happening in Saskatoon with Canada and beyond.

The Our Prairie Voice Recordings will be a game changer for the SSO – it brings our artistry to the world, creates more work for artists in our community, gives you a chance to have a piece of your concert experiences, and it creates a musical legacy and heritage for our province.

With the generous support of the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation, all donations of $100 or more made by May 31 will be matched.

Donors to the campaign will have exclusive access to a recording session with a special guest artist in an upcoming season!