The 5 Top SSO Stocking Stuffers

Tickets to the SSO make a perfect stocking stuffer, so we made it simple to know what the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The remainder of our season is jam-packed with incredible concerts, so this list was hard to widdle down!

#5 – A Musical Homecoming

Saskatchewan has produced some of the finest musicians Canada has to offer….so we thought it was high time to bring two of the brightest stars home!

Tania Miller grew up in Foam Lake, and did her first music degree at the University of Saskatchewan…she went on to become the first Maestra of a Canadian orchestra.  She’s garnered herself a reputation for her bold artistic passion which has made her a favourite on the podium of orchestras like the Chicago Symphony and Toronto Symphony.

Trumpeter Guy Few has long been an audience favourite at the SSO – he’s been both trumpeter and pianist with the SSO.  His fearless virtuosity never fails to blow the audience away!

With two hometown musical superstars, this concert is going to be one of the biggest nights of the year!
Great gift for music lovers, people who love a great night out.

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#4 – The Armed Man – a moving masterpiece

Welsh composer Karl Jenkins’ knows how to strike a chord.  When his work The Armed Man premiered in 2000 the audience knew it was witnessing something very special.  It is triumphant, heart breaking, emotional, and a universe call for peace….and the Benedictus has become one of the most popular pieces of music of the 21st century.  The SSO is joined by the Canadian Chamber Choir and Greystone Singers for this Saskatchewan orchestral first.

With this gift, you’ll get a call the morning after our concert saying they couldn’t possibly thank you enough!
Great gift for grand parents, people who love choral music, and first-time symphony goers.

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#3 – Silence is Golden – Charlie Chaplin edition

We’re getting back to the silver screen, and this time we’re featuring the tramp.  Charlie Chaplin’s films are iconic – his was a remarkable sensitivity for comedy and sincerity.  This gift comers as a two-fer – we’ve got a double header featuring two Chaplin films for the price of one…”The Immigrant” followed by “The Adventurer”.

It’s the ultimate movie night – pair it with a gift certificate to one of Riversdale’s amazing restaurants and yours will be the best gift!
Great gift for the film buff in your world, people who like a concert experience off the beaten path.

Tickets on sale December 8th.

#2 – You’re a wizard Harry!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter novel, the SSO is bringing the music of Harry Potter to life on stage with full symphony orchestra.  Hedwig’s Theme, Harry’s Wonderous World, Hogwarts Forever, and many many more!  Dress up, because lets face it…everyone else will be too!

Plus getting the tickets now avoids being disappointed when it sells out!
Great gift for the wizards in your world…no matter the age.

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#1 – Don’t Give Yourself Away – the Music of Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell’s music is hard to quantify.  It has influenced every musical generation after it; it has given inspiration to women singer-songwriters who call her role model; it was the voice of an era and a place in time, yet timeless.  We’re featuring songs from Joni Mitchell’s orchestral albums Both Sides Now and Travelogue – her musical collaborator on the albums, Grammy winner Vince Mendoza, is coming to lead the SSO in the first concert performance ever of this music.  We welcome back chanteuse Sarah Slean for this once-in-a-lifetime concert.

Both Sides Now, A Case of You, and many many more!
Perfect gift for mom and dad, aunt and uncle, the amazing women in your life, and of course Joni fans!

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This holiday season we think the gift of live music is the absolute best way to tell your loved one you think they rock!


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