A virtual tour to Italy!

Our live stream La Dolce Vita – Valentines from Italy features stunning footage of one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world.

Italy has long caught the imagination of artists, poets, musicians, lovers, and tourists. It’s a country where history meets you around every corner, and a culture as vibrant today as hundreds of years ago. You find yourself happening on a Roman road, getting Aperol Spritz at a street café, snapping pictures of the spires and duomos, and letting the gelato cool you down!

We’re busy putting together stunning visuals curate to match the passionately romantic music – but ahead of the concert you should take a chance to explore the absolute beauty of Italy!

There are lots of great places online to take a virtual tour, but Italy Guides gives you a chance to see the sites and learn about the stories in each city. How many steps are there in the Duomo in Florence? Have you seen all the fountains in Rome? Take some time and soak up Italia!

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