For many years, Saskatoon tried to Beat Beethoven. The annual fundraiser saw thousands of people combine their love of being active with their love for music!

The concept was simple: sign up, pick your run/walk distance, and then follow the run route as you to listen to music played live by SSO orchestra members along the way!

Right now we can’t do an organized run like in the good old days, but if you’re like all of us you are itching to get outside and/or be more active!

So to get us all moving we’re teaming up with Brainsport to bring back Beat Beethoven but this time as a FREE virtual fun run from May 24 – 30.  You can do your run or walk, while socially distancing! You can run or walk from the comfort of your treadmill or elliptical! Or, grab your bike and hit the trails being mindful of others around you!

Here’s how it works – there’s no cost, and no fundraising, just fun!

1: Sign up using the form below

Everyone participating can redeem a 30 day free trial of the IDAGIO app for streaming!

Beat Beethoven – Don Cochrane

2: Pick your distance/music – playlists below!

3: Set up your running app – like Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, etc

When it comes time for your Beat Beethoven run, press start on your chosen playlist and then press start on your app to keep track of your distance and time. You can keep track of distance or steps, that’s up to you! When you have completed the run/walk/bike stop your app and pause the playlist to see if you Beat Beethoven!

4: After your run share it with us! #SSOBeatBeethoven

Each Beat Beethoven run/walk/bike you do from May 24 – May 30 can be used to enter the draw for a prize pack from Brainsport. Upload a screenshot of your run time and where you stopped on your Beat Beethoven Playlist for your entry. Feel free to send us a Beat Beethoven selfie too!

Upload your photos to enter the draw!
Click here to upload photos

You can also post a picture/story on social media with #SSOBeatBeethoven. We will share them on our social media. 


A true passionate spirit – just like Beethoven! A brisk 5km with one of the most iconic pieces of music ever written.

Run to his epic 5th symphony (about 30 mins):

You’re looking for the ultimate inspiring run – feel the joy of Beethoven 9! Feel the thrill of getting closer to your goal as the choir comes in with one of the most powerful moments in all of music.

Run to Beethoven’s Choral Symphony (about 60 mins):
Apple Music

Time to explore nature on your bike – take a ride with Beethoven and his Pastoral Symphony! Hear the birds, watch the clouds, and soak in one of Beethoven’s most beautiful pieces of music.

Bike to Beethoven’s Symphony 6 (about 40 mins):
Apple Music

Don’t worry, it’s not all about the distance – take a chance to go for a great walk and explore these great Beethoven playlists!

Playlists to enjoy:
Apple Music

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