Making spirits bright with music!

Who knew our 90th season would truly be one for the history books. When the pandemic started we knew that it was time for us to invest our energy into finding a safe way forward.

The SSO has an important mandate to bring music to people, and we knew that no matter what we’d find a way to do that. From our early spring online programming to relaunching our concerts with the Digital Concert Stream, we have been so fortunate to explore the silver linings in this challenging year.

Normally at Christmas time we have a wish list that gives you suggestions of what you could give in December to support specific needs. This year we don’t have a wish list – we take stock everyday of the remarkable achievements of the last few months and our gratitude is already overflowing.

Our patrons have continued to support and adapt with us through all of this, and for that we’ll never fully be able to share our thanks. It has meant the world to us to be able to pivot and thrive through a year that could have been devestating.

There are so many great organizations to give to at Christmas, and we encourage all of our patrons to support those most in need in our community right now; we are a better community when the most volunerable are cared for.

If you have the means to make a gift to the SSO this December, we would love to have your support. And this December your gift is doubled thanks to the Robert Steane Foundation.

In the summer, the Bob Steane Foundation committed to supporting our investment into the equipment needed to launch the Digital Concert Stream. Their commitment of $40,000 allowed the SSO to invest in purchasing cameras, lens, audio, and video equipment that have been transformational to being able to keep our musicians working and playing through the pandemic.

Thanks to the launch of the Digital Concert Stream, thousands of music lovers around the globe have watched the SSO this fall; it has become an amplifier of accessibility and a great way to showcase the orchestra you love.

This December your gift to the SSO match the late Bob Steane’s donation to keep the SSO innovating, creating, and making music through the pandemic and beyond.

You can Be a Bob and make a donation that will help ensure that Saskatoon is a musically vibrant city, and help bring our prairie voice to the world through the Digital Concert Stream.

Thank you so much for thinking of us this holiday season – the music couldn’t happen without you!

After a lifetime of volunteering and donating to charitable causes, the late Robert ‘Bobʼ Steane gave one last transformational gift through his estate to improve the lives of his neighbours and community.

Bob’s gift in excess of $10 million will promote the arts, address homelessness, accelerate trauma care, advance mental health and medical imaging, and support end-of-life hospice care.

Bob believed in the power of philanthropy and giving back whenever he could.


In the spirit of giving, Be a Bob. Make a donation, volunteer, or consider including a charity in your estate plans.