The idea first came to life in the summer of 2016…

As everyone at the SSO was preparing for the season ahead, we had talked about working with artist Denyse Klette – we needed an image of Mozart that would capture the energy and joy of his music. Denyse was the perfect fit for what we had in mind; her art is full of life, bold colours, and imagination, and as a music lover herself she’s able to capture not only Mozart’s image but his music too!

From that initial idea of a Mozart we could use for our Mini-Mozart Festival, we had no idea what journey we’d begun on!

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In January 2017, we unveiled Mozart. Spilling over with melody and joy, Denyse’s Mozart is classical and effervescent. Absolutely captivating we knew that this was about to be the first in a series! The painting played a key role in our mid-winter festival and caught the eye of concert-goers.

“I am a Lonely Painter, I Live in a Box of Paints” – Denyse Klette


In March 2018, we were thrilled to present the first live performance of Joni Mitchell’s orchestral music from her albums Both Sides Now and Travelogue. Denyse’s inspiration struck again with “I’m a lonely painter – I live in a box of paints” – an iconic image of Joni captured in colours inspired by the music!


In 2019, Denyse and the SSO turned the idea of these paintings in a series of famous composers – and Beethoven was born to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the composer in 2020. The image now adorns the SSO’s windows in a larger than life art installation on 51st street. Full of the composer’s rebellious fixation on creativity, the painting was an instant sensation.


Ahead of an SSO performance of his Variations on a Theme by Hadyn, Brahms became the next addition to the Composers Series. Earthy, romantic, caught up in himself, Denyse’s Brahms explores a depth of emotions and gives a nod to his nickname!


In spring of 2021, Bach was released to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. Noble and draped in royal colours, Denyse’s Bach captures his innovative spirit paired with his fierce attention to detail. Can you find a little detail of Bach’s life woven into the painting?

Haydn – Denyse Klette


Elegant and charming. Dapper and full of mischief. Filled with sunshine and sturm und drang!
The SSO had never before performed Haydn’s incredible Symphony 82, so to commemorate “The Bear” Denyse captured Haydn’s sense of humour, his love of fashion, and his sunny good nature.

This partnership with Denyse Klette is one of a kind.
Stopping by the SSO you can see all of the originals on display.  

Numbered limited edition prints are available in two sizes 12×12 and 24×24 – as well you can have a print personalized by Denyse herself to add to your collection!

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