Make Music More 


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a swift and lasting impact on the performing arts around the globe, and the SSO joins hundreds of thousands of organizations forced to cancel or postpone months worth of programming to ensure that we can do our part to help curb the impact of the pandemic on our community.

Losing the ticket sales from 11 events and the postponement of the SSO Book and Music Sale puts the SSO in a very fragile position.  We are grateful to be able to access the Canadian Government’s Emergency Wage Subsidy, allowing us to keep our core musicians and staff on salary.  Even with significant reduction of production and spending, the SSO is facing a loss on our season of nearly $300,000.

We’ve set a goal of raising $200,000 by May 31st to help offset the impact of losing a third of our season. 

The SSO has seen an era of remarkable organizational health thanks to the support of its donors and patrons.  Over the last few weeks, the administrative team have put into place measures and plans that allow the organization to survive this extremely difficult time.

Our goal of $200,000 by May 31st allows the SSO to remain health and absorb the financial impact – our goal is to ensure that our musicians and patrons have a strong vibrant organization when the time comes for us to return to music making.

The SSO has grown strong through some very difficult times in the past, but the most difficult of all is not being able to share our music with you during this time when music can remind you of the great things that can be accomplished when we come together to work as one.



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