Dr. Christy Morrissey

About Christy Morrissey and her research on birds…

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962) was the first to sound the alarm about the dangers of over-reliance on toxic chemicals that can harm birds and other biodiversity.  Once common, now many migratory species such as swallows, sparrows, blackbirds and shorebirds are showing steep population declines. Dr. Christy Morrissey, a Professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Biology, continues Carson’s important work by conducting research into the root causes of migratory bird and insect declines from pesticides and other pollutants. Her research also seeks to understand how nature-based solutions that diversify plants and protect habitats in agricultural landscapes can harness the power of biodiversity to increase food production while minimizing environmental damageDr. Morrissey has been featured broadly in the national and international media (CBC, National Geographic, Nature of Things, The Messenger Documentary etc) for her research on pesticide impacts and conservation of birds, insects and Prairie wetlands and was delighted to work with Vincent Ho to help inspire this beautiful “Whimsical Concerto of Fanciful Birds”.

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