7:30PM, Saturday, May 4, 2024
TCU Place, Sid Buckwold Theatre
35 – 22nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7K 0C8

Judith Yan, conductor
Avery Lafrentz, soprano

Julie Nesrallah, mezzo soprano
Ian Cleary, tenor
Adam Lau, bass

Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125 (“Choral Symphony”) – Ludwig van Beethoven

The 200th anniversary of Beethoven’s iconic 9th Symphony.

With the most recognizable melody ever written, Beethoven’s 9th deserves celebration. The SSO is joined by Maestra Judith Yan and a host of incredible soloists, including Julie Nesrallah, for this memorable marking of the anniversary.

For this momentous event, we’re opening up our choir for the occasion to choral groups across the region to join us to make this beautiful sound!

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The Program

Beethoven 9 at 200

Judith Yan, conductor
Avery Lafrentz, soprano
Julie Nesrallah, mezzo-soprano
Ian Cleary, tenor
Adam Lau, bass
Mass Community Choir, Dr. Jennifer Lang
Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra


Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125 (“Choral”)

I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso
II. Molto vivace
III. Adagio molto e cantabile
IV. Finale: An die Freude (“Ode to Joy”)

Ludwig van Beethoven

The Artists

Judith Yan, conductor

Equally adept at conducting symphony, opera, and ballet, Judith Yan’s career has taken her internationally, conducting for major companies in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. She has held Staff…

Avery Lafrentz, soprano

Hailing from the sunshine capital of Canada, Estevan, Saskatchewan, soprano Avery Lafrentz is currently working to make her mark in the bustling opera scene of London, England.  A globetrotter in…

Julie Nesrallah, mezzo-soprano

Mezzo-soprano Julie Nesrallah is a singer, actress and broadcaster who dazzles audiences with her engaging personality and her rich, expressive voice. Miss Nesrallah has sung for leading opera companies, symphonies,…

Ian Cleary, tenor

Canadian tenor Ian Cleary began his musical studies while growing up in Chatham, Ontario, and is a Graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied with Kimberly Barber. Ian received…

Adam Lau, bass

American bass Adam Lau, praised as “a bass whose singing resonates in every sense of the word”, continues a busy and varied career in opera and concert with a wide…

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This concert also includes:

Violin  –  Brandon Johnson, Cherie Jarock, Alexa Arnyek, Kayley Grant
Bassoon  –  Jonathan Tait
Trumpet  –  Hanna Hashi

The Mass Community Choir, led by Dr. Jennifer Lang is made up of
members from:
Aurora Voce Dir. Dr. Jennifer Lang
Cecilian Singers Dir. Matthew Praksas
Kindersley Community Choir Dir. Clayton Braybrook
Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir Dir. Larry Klopoushak
North Sky Chorale Dir. Richard Janzen
Saskatoon Men’s Chorus Dir. Deborah Buck
Saskatoon Symphony Chorus Dir. Duff Warkentin
St. Peter’s Chorus Dir. Maxine Moore
University Chorus Dir. James Hawn
University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers Dir. Dr. Jennifer Lang


Rachel Andres, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Katharina Bauman, North Sky Chorale
Jack Bell, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Kathleen Brannen, Saskatoon Symphony Chorus
Audrey Falk Janzen, North Sky Chorale
Emma Gillingham, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Cheryl Glass, Kindersley Community Choir
Arlene Goosen, Kindersley
Jamie Gubbe, Saskatoon Symphony Chorus
Alanna Hoesgen, University Chorus
Andrea Johnson, University Chorus
Morgan Layton, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Michelle McKinnell, North Sky Chorale
Deborah Miket, University Chorus
Lois Miller, North Sky Chorale
Jade Otsig, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Reisha Peters, Aurora Voce
Julia Ramsay, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Sitara Randhawa, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Sara Sestak, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Shirl Siebert, Saskatoon Symphony Chorus
Vita Skvairson, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Audrey Smycniuk, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Roxanna Smycniuk, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Renae Snyder, University Chorus
Nicole Tiessen, North Sky Chorale
Glenda Watson, Kindersley Community Choir


Emily Allcock, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Stephanie Balon, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Elizabeth Bauman, North Sky Chorale
Gloria Boerma, University Chorus
Hunter Boutin, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Sanjana Brijlall, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Lydia Corbett, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Rozhin Eghbali, University Chorus
Allison Eichorst, St. Peter’s Chorus
Joanne Ens, University Chorus
Marissa Evans, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Rita Frank, St. Peter’s Chorus
Ramona Friesen, Cecilian Singers
Denise Germain, St. Peter’s Chorus
Glenda Giles, Kindersley Community Choir
Kathy Grier, Cecilian Singers
Connie Hall, St. Peter’s Chorus
Fiona Haynes, University Chorus
Astrid Johnson, University Chorus
Carmen Julseth, Kindersley Community Choir
Meera Kachroo, University Chorus
Jordan Kalesnikoff, Cecilian Singers
Alicia Kehrig, Aurora Voce
Jessica Kelly, Cecilian Singers
Cathy LaFleche, University Chorus
Sandra LeBlanc, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Kathleen Linn, University Chorus
Heather Macnabb, Saskatoon Symphony Chorus
Margie Meckelborg, St. Peter’s Chorus
Gail Osachoff, Cecilian Singers
Jenna Polishchuk, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Kylen Rioux, Greystones
Valerie Stacey, University Chorus
Dayna Stefaniuk, North Sky Chorale
Kathy Strutt, Kindersley Community Choir
Beverly Trach, St. Peter’s Chorus
Nicole Tremblay, Aurora Voce
Adrienne Vandenburg, University Chorus
Mardel Vols, University Chorus
Amy Wiens, North Sky Chorale
Sunny Yang, University Chorus


Elias Allcock, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Marko Bara, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Eric Boulter, University Chorus
Clayton Braybrook, Kindersley Community Choir
Art Davis, Saskatoon Men’s Chorus
Paul Denham, Cecilian Singers
Emmanuella Essku, University Chorus
Alfonso Guillen, Saskatoon Symphony Chorus
Mackenzie Hildebrand, North Sky Chorale
Griffin Lehnert, North Sky Chorale
Julian Makowsky, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Michael Martin, North Sky Chorale
Peter Mielke, Saskatoon Men’s Chorus
Roman Soltykevych, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Keenan Sorokan, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Bob Watson, Kindersley Community Choir


Jeremy Bell, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Dustin Bueckert, North Sky Chorale
Mason Burrows, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Colin Dyck, University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers
Ethan Fedorchuk, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Will Hampton, University Chorus
Todd Hanson, North Sky Chorale
Bill Hase, Saskatoon Men’s Chorus
Bob Henderson, St. Peter’s Chorus
George Hupka, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Richard Janzen, North Sky Chorale
Randy Klassen, Saskatoon Men’s Chorus
Larry Klopoushak, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Manny Lafebvre, St. Peter’s Chorus
Andrew Linsley, North Sky Chorale
Cory Neudorf, University Chorus
Matthew Praksas, Cecilian Singers
Phil Siebert, Saskatoon Symphony Chorus
Greg Wacholtz, St. Peter’s Chorus
Jordan Welbourne, Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir
Berny Wiens, Saskatoon Men’s Chorus
Devin Wiens, Kindersley Community Choir

Special Thanks

Program Notes

Celebrating Margaret Wilson

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