Haydn Symphony Video Interviews

We had a chance to sit down with Thomas Yu and Mark Turner to discuss our Haydn Symphony Masters Series concert, this Saturday at TCU place. Tickets are going fast!


SSO Executive Director Mark Turner

On the rare and beautiful Fazioli that will make it’s debut at TCU place for this concert “Everyone loves particular pianos more than others but every pianist loves a Fazioli” 0:00

On Brahm’s tribute “In years since we’ve discovered that likely Haydn didn’t write that piece, but his name sticks with it to this day” 1:21

On Haydn and Mozart “..both thought the other was a genius, and both were right” 1:42

The Farewell Symphony “Haydn wrote the Farewell Symphony when he was wanting to stick it to his boss a little bit…” 2:17

We are happy to welcome Adam Johnson as the guest conductor for this concert “He is a pianist himself, so getting to work as a conductor in a piano concerto is going to be an excellent opportunity” 2:55

On our guest artist Thomas Yu “One of the first calls I made once I joined the SSO was to Thomas” 3:16


We are very happy to welcome pianist Thomas Yu, returning to his home town for this concert

On the concert experience and what it’s like to perform “We are all human beings and we have that innate ability to feel bigger forces” 0:00

Thomas has a great career as a periodontist in Calgary but continues to perform all over the world “There are different motivations throughout my life for performing” 1:42

Why perform “He had painted all these paintings and he had never showed them in his entire life to anybody..” 2:54

After years studying with Bonnie Nicholson in Saskatoon Thomas moved to Toronto and learned from Marc Durand, one of the first things Marc said to Thomas after hearing him play “You play like a scientist…you play all the black dots really well, I’m going to teach you how to play all the white parts on the page” 4:07

Thomas will be performing Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21 “Mozart’s not a common composer for me, so I’m also really excited to discover him now.” 5:50

There is often only two chances for rehearsal with the orchestra before a concert so preparation is very important “You try to get into the headspace of why the composer wrote it and then you listen to the other people who have interpreted it” 6:33

Orchestra’s have an important place in a cities identity and culture “There are a few things that every city needs to be defined as a city” 8:18



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