Watch Party Ideas for the Prairies

We loved seeing all of the folks watching Postcards from Paris at home, with family, even from their campsite!

We wanted to help with ideas for how you can turn your live streaming experience into more than just watching the stream. So for each concert this year we’ll be curating a few suggestions on things that the SSO would pair together to make your concert night at home pretty magical.

For Paris of the Prairies…well this one is easy. Support LOCAL!

We are so lucky here in Saskatoon to have such incredible businesses and products that celebrate what it means to from Saskatoon. When you think Saskatoon/prairies what do think of? Go on, get creative!


Being in Saskatoon, its impossible to ignore our amazing craft beer landscape….BUT in just two weeks we have our Oktoberfest concert which is all about beer….so let’s give something else a try.

For this concert we highly recommend the Haskap Gin from Black Fox Distillery – its delicious, complex, smooth, and prairie forward!

There’s also a ton of great drink ideas connected to wine and more!



So the question is…order in or start from scratch? Well, we’ll give you a great suggestion for both.

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If you’re ordering in for this concert, everyone at the SSO recommends Hearth Restaurant. Local. Amazing. Can’t go wrong.

If you’re looking to get creative in the kitchen…here’s a few things you need to try your hand at:

Bannock – if you haven’t had this prairie delight, you’re missing out. And its something you can make if you just follow the recipe. This First Nations dish is a must try and as Saskatchewan as the skies.

Then why not explore Bison Meatballs with Saskatoon berry BBQ sauce for dipping – click here for the meatballs and here for the Saskatoon Berry BBQ Sauce.

And what about some ultimate prairie homecooked magic – Cabbage Rolls. Ok, not the easiest thing in the world to whip up just for a Saturday night, but it will totally be worth it – and if you’ve never tried them before, its a great step towards your goal of mastering prairie cuisine. Click for more


Now…for dessert….there’s soooo many amazing options (including just having more bannock honestly!). And you can decide for yourself about the age old argument about what is the ultimate prairie dessert….Butter Tarts or Saskatoon Berry Pie.

 And why not give Berry Bannock Pudding a try….(can you tell we like our bannock??)

No matter how you enjoy Paris of the Prairies make sure you take time to reflect on how awesome it is to be prairie people!

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