The Happiest Birthday of All

Even though the days are finally getting longer, January is still a dark, cold time. Thankfully there is a special day a the end of the month to bring us all hope. That day is January 27th.

There are many fantastic figures born on this auspicious day, some notable people include actor Alan Cumming (1965), astronomer Beatrice Tinsley (1941), musician Hot Lips Page (1908), author Lewis Caroll (1832), and on a very cold day in 1989, our very own Director of Communications.

As wonderful as all of us Jan 27 babies are, the SSO is paying tribute to one in particular.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27th in 1756. Christened as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theopilus Mozart it’s understandable that this prolific composer went with the shortened name.

Having an incredibly musical family father Leopold, sister Nannerl (a nickname for young Maria Anna), and Wolfgang would tour across Europe.Composing and performing before european royalty by age 5, it is no surprise that young Mozart was engaged as a musician in the Salzburg court by age 17.

Sadly Mozart passed away at age 35, leaving behind his wife Constanze, two children, and an amazing amount of music. You can see a list of his works here. One can only image what masterful works Mozart would have created had he lived longer!

In honour of the 225th anniversary of Mozart’s death, and his 261st birthday, we have partnered with Saskatoon Opera and the University of Saskatchewan to present Mozart week.

Mozart Week events include:

Music of Mozart
Sunday Chamber
Sunday, January 22, 2pm
Delta Bessborough Hotel

The Genius of Mozart
Music Talk at McNally Robinson
With Guest Panellists
Tuesday, January 24, 7pm

Special one time screening
Wednesday, January 25, 7:30pm
Roxy Theatre

Saskatoon Opera Performance
January 26 & 27, 8pm

Mozart’s Violin
With the University of Saskatchewan
Friday, January 27, 12:30pm
Quance Theatre, UofS

Mozart Festival
With Timothy Chooi
Saturday, January 28, 7:30pm
TCU Place

Mozart Festival with Timothy Chooi is the jewel to top the crown of Mozart Week. Timothy is an incredibly talented (and young!) violinist who is swiftly carving out a career for himself that rivals older bother Nikki. Described as “Le miracle”, Timothy has performed with symphonies across North America. He makes a conscious effort to make music more accessible through social media and by promoting causes that further music education.

Timothy will treat us to Mozart’s Concerto for Violin No. 5 in A Major, and then Eric Paetkau will masterfully take the SSO on a wonderful musical journey to Mozart’s Jupiter.

After our Saturday concert for Mozart Festival please join us for a birthday party across the street at the Hub! There will be a chance to visit with other patrons, our guest artist, musicians, and best of all, birthday cake.

So come help us celebrate the life and sounds of Mozart (and all the other excellent people that happen to share his birthday).



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