Celebrating the Future

A New Donor Appreciation Gala for Season 94!

I cannot imagine my life without music.

I turn to music when I want to celebrate. I rely on music when I need consoling. Music shapes my memories and all the important moments of my life. Even after being at the helm of the SSO for the last 10 years, I still get giddy with excitement on concert nights – there is nothing more exhilarating than the sound of an orchestra in full flight.

It’s an excitement that is more than about the music, for me, it’s an excitement about the people involved.

How lucky are we that our little city, in the middle of the vast prairies, has so many deeply dedicated and talented musicians that call it home – how incredible it is to have an orchestra of this calibre right here in Saskatoon. Musicians who shine when faced with the music of Beethoven, Gershwin, Ruth Gipps, Harry Potter, or Queen. An orchestra that can truly serve its entire community – from die-hard classical music lovers to young families experiencing the Lion King film brought to life with live music. From world premieres with Grammy winners to Time for Toddlers, what a gift it is to the people of this community that we have musicians of this calibre right here.

But it’s not just the musicians on stage. My excitement is charged up by you in the seats – your love of the music, your willingness to join us on musical adventures, and your excitement when we have a hometown artist centre stage. Feeling the energy in the lobby on a symphony night, and the joy that fills the room, like when we do a Disney show, are the things that still make me excited each, and every, concert.

When I first came to the SSO I laid out a plan to create a bright future for this organization. In 2015 we had 2000 people who each gave $100 to help shape the future of music in Saskatoon.

It’s time to do it again.

Between now and May 31st, we’re looking for 2000 people to make a $100 donation to the SSO. To share our gratitude, we’re again throwing a donor appreciation concert this November 23rd on the SSO’s 94th birthday. Every donation of $100 gets a free seat to a night of great music with your SSO and a host of surprise guest stars!

You can give $25 a month for the next four months, give $10 a week for 10 weeks, or give $100 all at once. Give $200 to make sure you have two seats!

The magic is that all gifts are matched by the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation. Their generosity makes this new Share in the Future campaign extra special!

In a time when orchestras around the world are struggling to survive, the SSO is thriving. It’s a thing to be celebrated and a thing to secure.

With your support of our Share in the Future campaign, we get to treat you to a night of what we do best… a fabulous concert and a heck of a party!