Friends of the SSO

Musicians around the world are still making music, and collaborating in unique new ways during social distancing.  So we wanted to bring you a list of quarantine performances from some of the SSO’s friends – watching these videos is a good reminder of how incredibly lucky we are to have shared the stage with all these awesome people!

We’ll keep updating these performances regularly so check back for more!

Saskatoon’s own Ryan Davis brings us a performance of his new work Wildfire – and we absolutely love it!

The UofS Jazz Ensemble brings us a little sunshine to cheer you up on rainy days!

The Greystone singers, like us, lost the end of their season – but they worked together to create this great video!


Eileen Laverty has left our audiences speechless on a number of occasions…its not just her stunning voice, its also her ability to touch our hearts with her musicianship.  She recorded this performance during social isolation, and its perfect.


Our friend Thomas Yu has been using his social distancing time to reconnect with the piano on some brand new arrangements he’s putting together…is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?


Our friend Timothy Chooi has been very busy making music from home during social distancing! Take a listen to a concert he did from his living room for the Violin Channel.


Tenor Spencer McKnight is an audience favourite at our performances of Handel’s Messiah.  He teamed up with the SSO’s Mark Turner to make some music during social distancing…Mark recorded the piano part in his living room in Saskatoon and sent it on to Spencer so he could record his part in his living room in Outlook!


Accent…oh Accent! Our first concert effected due to the pandemic was our show with Accent, so we miss them the most.  They’ve been making some fun quarantine collaborations reminding us how much music can mean!


As the weeks of distancing go on, we were thrilled to see Thomas Yu share this beautiful performance!

Keep checking in as we’ll be posting more videos from friends!

Beat Beethoven Virtual Fun Run

WOW! Thank you to everyone who took part in our Virtual Beat Beethoven!

Over the course of the week, we had nearly 200 people participate in this walk/bike/run. We want to send a special thank you to the people who joined us from Columbia, Guatemala, and Scotland!

Although the run is done – you can still give it a go and enjoy getting active to this incredible music. 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, so its a great time to soak in his music any way you can.


Beat Beethoven – Don Cochrane

1: Pick your distance/music – playlists below!

2: Set up your running app – like Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, etc

When it comes time for your Beat Beethoven run, press start on your chosen playlist and then press start on your app to keep track of your distance and time. You can keep track of distance or steps, that’s up to you! When you have completed the run/walk/bike stop your app and pause the playlist to see if you Beat Beethoven!

3: After your run share it with us! #SSOBeatBeethoven

Each Beat Beethoven run/walk/bike you do from May 24 – May 30 can be used to enter the draw for a prize pack from Brainsport. Upload a screenshot of your run time and where you stopped on your Beat Beethoven Playlist for your entry. Feel free to send us a Beat Beethoven selfie too!

Upload your photos to enter the draw!
Click here to upload photos

You can also post a picture/story on social media with #SSOBeatBeethoven. We will share them on our social media. 


A true passionate spirit – just like Beethoven! A brisk 5km with one of the most iconic pieces of music ever written.

Run to his epic 5th symphony (about 30 mins):


You’re looking for the ultimate inspiring run – feel the joy of Beethoven 9! Feel the thrill of getting closer to your goal as the choir comes in with one of the most powerful moments in all of music.

Run to Beethoven’s Choral Symphony (about 60 mins):
Apple Music


Time to explore nature on your bike – take a ride with Beethoven and his Pastoral Symphony! Hear the birds, watch the clouds, and soak in one of Beethoven’s most beautiful pieces of music.

Bike to Beethoven’s Symphony 6 (about 40 mins):
Apple Music


Don’t worry, it’s not all about the distance – take a chance to go for a great walk and explore these great Beethoven playlists!

Playlists to enjoy:
Apple Music

From Bach To Bartok Online Class

From Bach to Bartok – with Music Director Eric Paetkau

Free online class for SSO subscribers – if you’re not a subscriber but would like to give the class a try email us at

Take a fascinating journey through some of the greatest symphonic music ever written. From Bach to Beethoven to Brahms to Bartok, we’ll dive into the works of famous composers and look at them from a conductor’s perspective. There will be musical excerpts, juicy stories, and lots of Q&A.  Join me for a fun, fact-filled exploration of classical music’s masterworks and get a behinds-the-scenes look at what makes this music great.

-Eric Paetkau

Classes take place Fridays at 11am – videos of each class will be available to subscribers until June 30th.

Week 1, April 17. Baroque orchestral works – Bach, Handel, and more,
Week 2, April 24. Classical symphonies – Mozart, Haydn, and more,
Week 3, May 1. Beethoven Fest  1 – overview of the Beethoven Symphonies 1-5
Week 4, May 8. Beethoven Fest 2 – overview of the Beethoven Symphonies 6-9
Week 5, May 15. Early romantic symphonies – Mendelssohn, Schumann, and more,
Week 6, May 22. Later romantic symphonies – Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, and more,
Week 7, May 29. Early 20th Century symphonic works – Strauss, Mahler, Sibelius, and more,
Week 8, June 5. Other 20th Century symphonic works – Bartok, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, and beyond

The classes take place live on Zoom – its an easy to use online program that lets you join the class.

Classes are reserved for subscribers – to get access to the recorded classes email us at

You DO NOT need to have an account with Zoom to join the class – watch the video below to learn more about how to use Zoom for this class.