Season 91 FAQ

We are excited to launch our 91st season soon!
We’ve been working to carefully plan a return to large concerts, and we can’t wait to share those details with you in the next few weeks. As we get ready for the season, we wanted to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will your pandemic protocols be at concerts?
We are encouraging patrons to mask for the first few concerts this fall, and we’ll keep reassessing to ensure we’re adjusting to keep everyone safe.

For the fall, and potentially beyond, most of our concerts will not have an intermission.

There will be hand-sanitizer stations positioned throughout concert spaces/lobbies.

If you have a ticket to a concert and you (or someone coming with you) is feeling unwell, we ask that you stay home. While an orchestral concert is a relatively safe environment, it depends on all of us looking after each other. We’ll work with patrons to help them return their ticket for donation value, exchange their ticket to another live event, or view the streaming of certain concerts.

The SSO will continue to develop and adapt its public health protocols in consultation with provincial public health and our advisors in order to keep our musicians and audience safe. Because of that, all programming and events are subject to change.

Are you requiring proof of vaccination?
Yes, we are. The SSO held conversations with important stakeholders (musicians, staff, and patrons) and came to decision that its important to ensure we do everything we can to keep everyone safe.  Click to Find Out More

Are you distancing seating?
For the SSO to break even on large orchestral concerts, we need at least 1000 people at our large concerts – even small concerts need 300+ people to be affordable to produce. As such, we’re not able to socially distance at our concerts as it would make every concert a financial burden to the organization.

But the good news is that many research studies around the globe have proven that classical music events are amongst the safest large crowd activities, with an extremely low risk of transmission. Thankfully classical music has been frowning on coughers for generations 😉

How many concerts will there be?
There are 6 Masters Series Concerts and 4 Pops Series Concerts.

What are you planning to perform?
We’ll be announcing that over the next few weeks!

When will single tickets go on sale?
Currently we plan to have single tickets go on sale September 1st.

What about other concerts?
Our Baroque and Chamber Series are set aside this year to allow us to flexibly keep as many musicians working as possible – so we will have more concerts announced in the weeks ahead, but those will be single ticket only. As subscribers you’ll have the first chance to purchase those tickets.

We have a number of special concerts in the works – a night with Constantinople, Chevalier’s Paris, and more!

Are you a Subscriber?

If you’re a subscriber, you should have received communication to re-subscribe – if you haven’t yet, please email us at office@
If you’d like to subscribe, here’s some important information!

Can I subscribe to a Flex Pack? 
Yes! You’re able to pick and choose which concerts you can get in a Flex Pack subscription – those tickets are discounted from single ticket sale prices.

What if I don’t subscribe this year, do I lose my seats?
After August 25th, all seats not spoken for will be opened up for sale. But we’re going to keep all subscriber seats from 2019/2022 on hold for next season – so that means if you decide not to subscribe this year, but plan to come back next year, we’ll hold your seat for 2022/2023!

Can I get extra seats for some concerts?
You will be able to purchase extra seats when single tickets go on sale – due to the volume of work it will take in the next few weeks to process subscriptions (that normally would be processed over 3 months), we’re not allowing for special considerations or extra tickets at this time. We’re trying to keep this as manageable as possible for our administrative team who normally has holidays in August!

Can I change my seats?
Yes, but not until single tickets are on sale. You can renew your seats and then once single tickets are on sale, we can make seating adjustments.

Are you still streaming concerts?
Yes! Streaming is here to stay at the SSO. But streaming is not included with your in-person subscription, so if you’d like to watch concerts at home, you can subscribe for $99.99 a year at
Not all concerts this year will be streamed, but approximately 14 events will be. This includes performances in both Masters and Pops, special events, and more!

You can subscribe for our streaming at


If you’d like to subscribe to the SSO’s 91st season Contact Us

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