Piazzolla’s Four Seasons

When you hear “Four Seasons” do you think about Buenos Aries and tangos?
Well, you should.
The great Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla made his mark on the world bringing the distinctly South American sounds and rhythms to composed music.  His tangos set him apart from contemporaries and allowed him to leave a unique footprint on 20th Century music.
He had written individual pieces on the seasons for his tango quintet; sometimes he played them as a set. but he primarily played them as stand-alone pieces.
Then in 1998t, he Russian composer Leonid Desyatnikov took Piazzolla‘s seasons and created the Estaciones Portenas, the Four Seasons of Buenos Aries for solo violin and string orchestra.  The works are virtuosic showstoppers, and each include a little hint of the original Vivaldi Four Seasons.
We have pulled out all the stops for our November 4th performance of the work – violinist Pascale Giguere won praise and awards for her performances and recording of Piazzolla‘s Seasons. She joins the SSO as guest concertmaster and soloist for our first Baroque concert of the year – she is not to be missed!
So if you’re sitting at our November 4th performance of these incredible pieces, listen carefully for the quotes of Vivaldi’s music in the Piazzolla.  But remember, transferring hemispheres means switching seasons….Vivaldi’s Winter would have been Piazzolla‘s Summer….
Join us November 4th for a trip to Buenos Aires with Pascale Giguere and the SSO Chamber Orchestra.

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