Monique Martin and Alexandra Hedberg

120sq metres of silkscreened canvas
Created in Gothenburg, Sweden 2022

Change occurs through deep time when life hangs like a question mark, fragile and always changing.
A moment in time can impact this planet, but it can also take years and decades to notice the change.
Transformation is a process within human existence and within the ecosystems on the earth that allows
us to live in the continuous present as we know we will not be the same person or planet tomorrow
that we were today. The arithmetic of life can be looked at as continuous subtraction or as continuous
transformation. When parts of our life and the earth run thin like the transparent chrysalis
of a butterfly there is room for transformation, change, growth and movement.

We thought the environment was frozen in time. It is now a slow emergency. Nature measures
time in epochs, eras, eons; it is not based on a human construct of days or years. Humans
trespass without notice on nature’s time scale but have altered deep time. Our trespassing
renders a lasting impact, stripping mother earth, leaving her vulnerable and weak. We
were complacent thinking we had the answers and believing that tomorrow is always promised.
Did we even really try? The eternal seconds of our nascent attempts to address climate
change may be too late. The regrets will be carried by the future generations
comparing what we could have done with what actually occurred.

Time is eternal and everything is gradually covered by the earth.

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