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We knew we wanted to give the Four Seasons poetry the same [Uncertain] update that the music received, and we knew that we were not the ones to do so. This poetry needed a storyteller, an activist, someone who would take the message where it needed to go and deliver it in a fashion that would make audiences stop and truly listen to the words and their meaning.

Enter Eekwol. Eekwol (Lindsay Knight) is an award-winning hip hop artist in Saskatoon, Treaty Six Territory, originally from Muskoday First Nation. Eekwol has been making music for many years. Her 5th full-length album titled “Good Kill” was released in 2017, and the single “Pitiful feat. 2oolman” made it to the #1 spot on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown and charted in Sirius Radio and numerous college and community stations and streaming site playlists. For 2019, she successfully received a Canada Council grant and completed a concept project with fellow lyricist, T-Rhyme titled “For Women By Women.”

Eekwol uses her music and words to spread messages of resistance, revolution and keeping the language, land and culture alive for the next generations. Through her original sound she displays her activist roots by living and creating as a supporter of both hip hop and Indigenous culture and rights. She is currently working towards her PhD Degree at University of Saskatchewan, which she has taken along with her many years of dedication to hip hop and created something unique and astounding to give back to the community.
Along with motherhood, music, and academic work, Eekwol frequently works with young people across the country as a mentor and helper. She achieves this through performances, workshops, speaking events, conferences and programs.
Earlier this year Eekwol was chosen as the inaugural Indigenous Storyteller-in-Residence at the University of Saskatchewan. She spent six weeks presenting and talking about her work, held virtual “coffee shops” and shared stories with others that are to be incorporated into a final project.
We can’t wait to hear what she has to tell us next.

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