Dr. Ingrid Pickering

Dr. Ingrid Pickering is introducing our concert, The [Uncertain] Four Seasons. She is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Molecular Environmental Science.

Dr. Pickering’s area of research includes the use and development of synchrotron light techniques to investigate the roles of metals and other elements in living systems, cross-disciplinary research that encompasses both environmental and biomedical interests. Her work includes synchrotron studies of metals and other elements of concern to determine chemical speciation and microscopic distribution; including both environmental studies and vertebrate and human toxicology. So who better to help us understand how climate change will affect our environment but also our personal health.

Dr. Pickering is also helping foster the next generation of scientists in her role as the program director of the  NSERC CREATE to INSPIRE program — INSPIRE is short for Interdisciplinary Network for the Synchrotron: Promoting Innovation, Research, and Enrichment. Not only is she training students on how to work with Canada’s only synchrotron at USask’s Canadian Light Source, but Dr. Pickering is also teaching essential interpersonal and professional skills to thrive in a fast-paced, high-tech, team environment.

While we know that our hometown is home to Canada’s Synchrotron what happens inside is often a mystery. Dr. Pickering gave us all a sneak peek of the inner workings of the Synchrotron when she chatted with the Saskatchewanderer back in 2014.

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